Your Next Great Shopping Adventure

The world is ever shrinking and this means there’s a never ending supply of classic, interesting and exotic merchandise that is easy to find anywhere you are in the world.

Long gone are the days that you you would have to travel to Hong Kong in order to find silk robes, France for cheap champagne or Italy for designer clothes. With the likes of Amazon and eBay, you can buy anything, anywhere, anytime.

But there’s still something nice about bringing home authentic gifts from your travels. So what should we buy where? Well I have the answers



Naraya is a chain of stores all over Thailand which feature wonderfully inexpensive satin bags, ranging from all sizes at far less expensive prices than Jim Thompson. They are fantastic for packing on your travels as they are lightweight and you can put all your dry cleaning into the bag keeping it separate from everything else in your suitcase. 

Thai Porcelain. You can find beautifully decorated cups and dinnerware many places. Make sure to bubble wrap them well but they great gifts. And finally local made soaps and room fresheners and oils with incense are also a nice reminder.


London has become one of the most expensive cities in the world so it’s hard to find something to bring back as gifts. The storied name Harrods makes you think of expensive bu it doesn’t need to be that way. On the main level they have a fantastic concession that sells everything from Harrods aprons to Harrods Oven gloves. They are well priced and you can find gifts for $20.

When traveling back from London Heathrow, smoked salmon is the thing to buy. It’s vacuum sealed for longevity and they will ice pack it too. You just can’t buy these anywhere else in the world.


This is another city that has become incredibly expensive and hard-to-find items to take home.
 In the 1970s and 1980s electronics were a deal there. Not anymore. Designer brands are terribly expensive as well, so the best things you can buy are local Singaporean cottons and prints. This ranges from pajamas to T-shirts and kids clothes to aprons. They’re inexpensive and you can pick them up at the airport if you run out of time in the city.


This is a country that has always been known for being expensive. In today’s world there’s not terribly much you can bring home without breaking the bank. My best choices are specialty food items, from herbs to provenance to fois gras. Monoprix is the best choice, it’s a combo supermarket, pharmacy, department store, but all done up with French panache. You can check out the children’s fashions, they tend to be stylish, high quality and affordable. Smaller cosmetic brands are great too, as are  soaps.


Visit the souks for spices like saffron are a steal compared to back home.


Markets that sell tiles and rugs are still a find.
Happy Shopping!

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