How to do 5 cities in 5 days


I was convinced it was impossible and kind of pointless. My travel style usually means I stay put in a city for a couple days to immerse myself in each culture. But due to the fact this was a work trip, my relaxed approach was somewhat disregarded.

What I did realize is how much time actually exists in 24 hours. I guess its human nature to rise above and experience as much as possible when time in put into question.

Since moving to the United States, it is clear that vacation days are limited and rarely taken. With that in mind this is what I like to call…
“The Hard Working American’s Guide to Enjoying 5 Cities in 5 Days”. Obviously you may not choose to follow the path I did but the premise remains the same in any city. Make the most of the time you have.

Travel Smart
I am a big believer in walking everywhere to discover a new place. This is not the case in LA. If I give you a tip and one tip only for LA, it would be HIRE A CAR. I spent a good hour and half walking the streets of a beautiful suburb in the Hills only to discover I had covered what would be an ant size circle on Google maps. You will be happy you hired a car and save yourself the shock when you see the cost of a taxi from The Hills to Santa Monica.

Party Hard
Las Vegas! The city of sin, lights, fountains and now Britney Spears.

The best part of Vegas is the convenience. All the major hotels are also the famous casinos that many frequent. Staying at The Bellagio I had the uber cool Hyde nightclub, Cirque du Soleil, and all the Lady Luck chances I could handle. All with the accessibility of stepping right on to the elevator and straight to my room. And if for whatever reason you may not have filled your slot machine thirsts, you can always get in a last minute bet in at McCarran International.

Step Outside the Box
Embracing the culture was well achieved in Fort Worth, Texas, when we entered the local White Elephant Saloon on a ‘quiet’ Wednesday night. Far from quiet, the vibe was very rowdy and fun but like something I have never experienced in my life. Real life cowboys and boot scooting dancing filled this small local. The only option was to join in.

No vacation would be complete without some R&R and Miami really knows how to do it in style. Sitting poolside next to all the beautiful people as the famous Miami art deco buildings craft a perfect backdrop, the glamour just oozes all around.
‘Garçon’. Click click.

Eat til your Heart is Content
Food and travel go hand in hand for me and New York is spoilt for choices when it comes to eating well. Granted you are likely not going to eat for a full 24 hours, there are plenty of options to try. Suggesting actual restaurants in New York is redundant. The hottest place changes as often as Angeline adopts children before the next big thing comes along. But what I will say is you need to venture out of Times Square. New York is a city easily accessible from top to bottom. So lots can be eaten in different places all over town. I repeat, just not in Times Square.

I managed to experience all these moments on the road in 5 cites in 5 days with 7 hours in the middle of the day on air. It becomes all about what want to achieve in the time you are given.

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