Why The British Virgin Islands Are The Hidden Treasure Of The Caribbean

British Virgin Islands

There’s treasure in them there seas. We’re not talking about doubloons, but the treasure that is the British Virgin Islands. When you think of the Caribbean, they might not be first to come up to mind, where there’s Havana and Barbados. But they have a lot to offer. They can offer some of the most gorgeous natural sites you’re likely to find in the Caribbean, with some of the most hospitable and vibrant locales as well. Not to mention a rich history you’re going to get to literally dive into.


If you’re heading to the Caribbean, you’re going to want to see some of the bluest seas and whitest sands you could ever hope to. The British Virgin Islands have plenty of those to offer from the beautiful and uninhabited Sandy Cay, an all-beach island, to the coral decorated coasts of Anegada Island. If you prefer something a little wilder, then climb Sage Mountain and see some of the most gorgeous nature preserved, from trees with a maze of vibrant roots to some of the musical, colorful birds that make the Caribbean rightfully famous. Meanwhile, on Virgin Gorda, you get a different landscape, of hardy orchids and cacti and the world’s smallest gecko doing its thing.


The history of the Caribbean is one of strife, of colonialism and, yes, of pirates. They’ve been an important world stage since they were first discovered and here is one of the few places you get to literally dive into history. The RMS Rhone, for instance, is a wreck from over a hundred and fifty years ago, now made of coral encrusted steel ready to be explored. Fort Purcell, also known as the dungeon, is a ruin that has seen fighting from the Dutch, the English and the Spanish from the heights of the age of exploration. It has plenty of the scars to prove it, as well, if you want to cut through the just to see them.


The present of the Caribbean is a time that makes it a lot more pleasant for tourists. Nowadays, that fusion of cultures makes for some of the best music experiences, some of the best food and, of course, some fantastic rum. For the restaurants, there’s plenty of seafood, including lobster from Anegada, and plenty of British-Indian fusion foods, all supplemented with local produce like papaya, mango, and passion fruit. Don’t be shy of visiting places like Foxy’s Tamarind Bar where you can finally feel like you’re in the fitting environment to get a fancy little umbrella in your drink. All that amongst some quaint towns like Road Town that feel like they’ve been plucked right out of a picture book from Europe’s past.

Whether you love fusion food or home comforts to go with your beautiful beaches. Whether you love unconquered nature or a trip to ages past. You can see all that and more from the British Virgin Islands. So, find the hidden treasure of the Caribbean before everyone else does.


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