Who Will Travel In The Year Ahead And Why?

As we look forward to 2024, the travel landscape is set to undergo some exciting changes. Based on a global study involving 27,000 travelers across 33 countries,Amsterdam-based Booking.com, one of the world’s largest travel marketplaces, has highlighted several key travel predictions for the upcoming year. And we thought they were interesting enough to bring to you.

The Rise of Alter Egos

Travelers are increasingly embracing the opportunity to reinvent themselves during their holidays. A significant 68% of travelers believe they transform into the best version of themselves while traveling. With 62% relishing the anonymity that travel offers, 37% weave intricate narratives about their real lives when interacting with fellow travelers. For their adventures, 42% would even consider renting a fancier car than what they drive at home. This trend of adopting an alter ego while traveling adds an element of intrigue and excitement to the travel experience in 2024.


With the world experiencing warmer weather, 67% of travelers are looking to water-centric getaways next year. A significant 36% yearn for the view of an ocean or a lake, and 75% find instant relaxation by the water’s edge. Meanwhile, 18% are prioritizing well-being, turning to retreats rather than riverbanks for solace. Health retreats spark curiosity in 20% of travelers, and psychedelic retreats attract 14%. For some, a quiet night’s sleep is the priority, enticing 58% toward sleep-focused retreats, while 48% express intrigue in tantra retreats, wanting a deeper physical connection with their partners.

Embracing the Unknown

A majority of travelers (52%) want to book trips where the destination remains a mystery until they arrive. Seeking an escape from the everyday, 56% are inclined to go off the beaten path, and 34% are willing to travel with strangers. We’ll also see a noticeable shift from planning to spontaneity. A majority (55%) prefer to embark on their journeys without set plans, while two thirds (69%) opt for loose itineraries, allowing them to adapt as they go. With this, AI is set to become a mainstream feature of travel next year. 48% of travelers now trust AI to plan their trips.

Culinary Adventures

When it comes to culinary adventures, 78% of travelers hunger for fresh flavors over the tried and true. Half are planning their trips around specific restaurants or dishes, with 61% prioritizing learning about the origins of a destination’s iconic dish. Tech is also reshaping how we enjoy food, with 46% seeking immersive “phygital” (physical plus digital) dining via VR or AR. While 63% are fascinated by innovative plant-based options like 3D-printed vegan steaks and mushroom “foie gras.” Over a quarter of travelers (27%) are open to hiring personal chefs next year, with Gen Z leading the charge at 37%.

Roaming Together or Wandering Solo

In 2024, travel will see a profound transformation driven by a collective thirst for deeper connections and self-discovery. 24% of travelers want to strengthen their bonds with their partners. This prediction highlights the growing trend of using travel as a means to foster deeper connections with loved ones and oneself.

In conclusion, the travel predictions for 2024 highlight that travel isn’t just an escape, but a catalyst for experiencing our best lives. With these insights, travelers can look forward to a year of transformation, adventure, and personal growth.