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Where You Can Go

Faretrotter, a multimodal travel company that helps travelers search flights, trains, and buses between international cities, today announces the launch of its new Safe Travel Map. Aimed to help American travelers feel more confident traveling abroad again post-COVID-19, the new product feature on Faretrotter’s website will provide the latest information that travelers need to know when planning their upcoming trips to foreign countries.

“As international borders begin to reopen to American travelers this summer, prospective visitors are in need of specific, detailed information on which countries they can travel to and what it’s like in the country once they are there,” said Justin Hill, Founder of Faretrotter. “With our new Safe Travel Map, we offer travelers a unique tool to see where they can visit now and what they will be able to experience when visiting. We want to help visitors be better informed when planning their trips, as just because they can technically cross the border does not mean that everything in the country will be back to normal.”

As borders begin to reopen this summer, prospective visitors need information on the countries they can travel to and what’s required to make it happen.

With Faretrotter’s Safe Travel Map tool, users can view which countries they can travel to and requirements in order to cross the border, including mandatory quarantine orders, PCR tests, and COVID-19 vaccine requirements. Additional content available by country includes information on restrictions to travel within each country, public transportation, curfews, airlines traveling into each country, and more. For travelers staying stateside this summer, information is also available for travel across the United States.

An additional feature of Faretrotter’s new Safe Travel Map is the ability to sign up for notifications to receive alerts for when specific countries reopen to visitors. This feature enables Faretrotter users to secure low fares before demand surges.

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“In the travel industry recently, we’ve seen that once a country announces it’s reopening, interested visitors will crowd booking websites, and the price of airfares skyrocket,” continued Hill. “Our newsletter tool pinpoints timely booking information for travelers and gives them the opportunity to book cheap fares before they become too expensive.”

For more information about Faretrotter, visit https://www.faretrotter.com.