Forget the Alamo

forget the alamo

I have been lucky enough to travel frequently across America but I had yet to experience San Antonio and I wanted to rectify this. Of course the city is famous for the Alamo but trust me forget the Alamo as San Antonio has so much more going on.

I was very impressed with this small city which boasts a very spread out metro area. I guess they really do do things bigger in Texas. Even small cities are impressive and expansive.

The airport is really easy to get through; it’s nice and smooth and not overcrowded. As well the airport is only about 50 minutes from downtown. Once you arrive in San Antonio you have a good selection of hotels such as a Hyatt Regency, a Grand Hyatt and a couple of Marriotts to name but a few. I stayed at the Marriott River Center and I was pleasantly surprised. San Antonio is defined by a lovely series of canals which offer rides to cruise through the city and you can jump on board right by the hotel.

The city is a little humid in the summer but in early March the weather can still get to 90° and there seems to always be sun. It’s close to the border of Mexico so you can pretty much be assured of great temperatures. Mexico seems to help define San Antonio and the cuisine really reflects this influence. It is easy to find good canal-side dinning but my best surprise was the hotel’s room service. Ordering room service is something I seldom do especially in a hotel chain like Marriott or Sheraton. Frankly I don’t expect much as I’ve seen their room service menus created by Chef’s who only ever serve sandwiches and fat-filled salads.

However I was very tired from lots of travel so I thought I’d order glass of wine and a crab salad to unwind. I was expecting mayonnaise in the crab salad, cheese, bacon and a heavy over done salad. But to my surprise it came as a bowl of fresh crab lump with creamy avocado. I liked the salad dressing and butter lettuce leaves were served to wrap up and eat the crab and avocado. The meal was a fresh and trendy treat! I must say they really did a great job.

Give San Antonio a Try

The city has a historic look rather than the usual generic American style of brand-new glistening skyscrapers. It’s easy to get around with very little traffic and hotel rates are good. So if you feel like having a weekend off within America, San Antonio is a great place to enjoy.

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