Welcome To Vail Town, Where There’s Food, Fun And Snowy Peaks

If you want a welcome alternative to a summer vacation, perhaps a wild ride in the frosty landscape of Vail Town will get your blood pumping. The snow-covered peaks are met with the purest blue skies to make Vail Mountain one of the most serene locations of untamed natural beauty. Situated in northwest Colorado, Vail is a town that sits at 2445 meters above sea level. With a population of just 5328 people, families going on holiday have both friendly locals willing to offer a helping hand, and privacy to enjoy intimate moments with loved ones. Vail is the ultimate playground, with skiing, snowboarding, golfing, hiking, fishing, and many cultural festivals taking place. The terrain is challenging, yet the 1500 acres of downhill slopes offer bits of respite, with some slopes that are beginner-friendly. With fantastic resort lodges, surrounded family fun and restaurants, you’ll never say you’re bored when staying atop Vail Mountain.

Where to stay

There are numerous hotels and lodges that offer holiday-makers rooms to stay. Among the most popular is the Tivoli Lodge, the only family-run lodging in the entire town. It boasts incredibly friendly staff and sits beside a great sloped location to get a full view of the mountainous passes. Hot tubs line the outside so you can enjoy the lights of the town at night while staying warm and comfortable. Each room has kitchenettes, so you have your personal space to cook whatever you wish if the local restaurants don’t take your fancy. The great thing about this lodge is that if you have children under the age of 12, they stay completely free.

Image by – Up-Free

Blazing a trail

Vail Mountain is known for the skiing and snowboarding. The white of the snow is endless, and the town takes pride in specializing in catering guests who come for the winter sports. The Vail Ski Resort is essential to when coming to the town as the opportunities of reaching new heights and commanding the slopes is a once in a lifetime experience. A dedicated lift line will take you up to the peaks where the panoramic view of the region is second to none. Get the best skis from VistaBahn Ski Rentals to carve through the snow with authority and stability. You have many options of beginner skis that are wide and lightweight, so youngsters won’t find themselves dug into the ground with every step they take. In contrast, you also have the option of slimmer, streamlined skis for those who want the feeling of the wind thrusting into the face as they thunder down at high speed. It’s a world-class experience that’s made even better by the expert knowledge of professional instructors.

Photo by – Bill Blevins

Fishing expedition

Tourists can enjoy an incredible fly-fishing excursion to catch some of the best silky green trout in America. Colorado’s scenery is truly breathtaking and if you’re departing from Vail for the day to have a day without snow, venturing downstream is certainly worth the journey. Wade fishing is much more hands on, so if you don’t want to experience the float fishing, you can ask your professional fishing instructors to get in close. The rivers you may fish in are Eagle River, Blue River, and Gore Creek as well as a few others. You will have exclusive access to the 4 mile stretch of sublime fishing waters down in the valley. A great relaxing day trip and children are also taught along with adults for great family fun.

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