Good Sport: The World Over

One of the small things that the entire world has in common is a love for sport and action. It might be the reserved golfing PGA Tour; it could be the intense action of a National Football League Game. It could be the bleeding passion of the Derby della Madonnina between the Rossoneri of AC Milan and the Blue and Black of Inter. It might be the premium action of the Premier League. No matter what the sport is, we love to get around the television and enjoy it! We can go better though; we can get out there and watch the sport in live action, with the thrill of the crowd behind us.

With sporting getaways and sports tourism, it’s a case of picking your country and seeing what is going on. You might pick Russia and the coming World Cup, or Australia and Aussie Rules.

We’ll start off with Aussie Rules. If you want to enjoy sport and you want to enjoy an adrenaline packed, ruthless game at that – you need to head to Australia and take a game in. Head to Fremantle to see Fremantle Football Club – better known as the Dockers. Upcoming season highlights for the Dockers include a West Coast Derby at the Domain Stadium in Perth, where the Dockers take on the West Coast Eagles in a ferocious clash that is not to be missed.

In terms of big events, the World Cup of football really is a tournament that brings everyone together – and it will be doing that in Russia next year in 2018. With games taking place in the southern base of Sochi, to the majestic cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, to a few taking place in Asian Russia in Yekaterinburg. The World Cup will allow you to experience a lot of culture and a lot of Russia. So far, Russia, Brazil and Iran have qualified, but you can expect the presence of big hitters such as Italy, Germany and France, while the underdogs from countries like the United States, Chile, Mexico will likely find a spot. Each team will be based in a certain area – so wait for a team to qualify (even better if you’re following a team like Ireland, Scotland, England, Jamaica, Cameroon, Brazil or Trinidad with vibrant followers) and see where they are based and head out! Lots of new facilities are being created – and while tickets may be pricey, it’s an amazing experience.

Sport is perhaps enjoyed best as part of life. If you don’t want to go out of your way to find sport, see if sporting events line up with your getaway. If you’re heading to New York City, you might trek out to Queens and Flushing Meadows to see the ‘Amazing’ New York Mets play in their CitiField ballpark for a cheap price – and enjoy a soda and a hot dog as part of life in NYC. If you’re heading to London, you could find any number of football clubs playing on the weekend, from Charlton, Barnet and Brentford to West Ham, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea. Sport can be found, and good sport can be watched the world over, if you keep your eyes open!


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