The Top 10 Most Romantic Getaways

It’s probably a little early to think about a couple’s retreat, but a nice way to celebrate the end of travel restrictions and a return to normalcy would be by surprising the one you love with a romantic getaway.

A lovely meal and roses are nice, but nothing beats the gift of travel as a romantic gesture. Trust us, taking your partner to a secluded beach in Thailand or tasting wine in Tuscany beats everything. And so we bring you the top 10 most romantic getaways to inspire you. If you can’t afford a long haul vacation, don’t worry, you can usually recreate some of the magic closer to home, after all it’s the thought that counts.

First off these locations aren’t a countdown, each is special in its own way and romantic for many different reasons, so you can find the one that best suits you and your partner.


Ancient, scenic, with a great culinary scene, good hotels and wine that is sure to please, Istanbul is like Paris on speed. It’s changed in the last few years and is less freewheeling, but it’s still a great place to take your special someone.


This city is so sexy even the pigeons are coupling. Add a great bottle of Champagne, a corner table in a small bistro, and then just soak in the city’s ambience. It’s the perfect recipe for a getaway when the time is right.

Rio De Janeiro

Beaches, beautiful people, hot bodies; Rio is literally a feast for the eyes, and it’s also a great place to dance the night away, enjoy a brilliant dining scene and fall in love all over again.

Cape Town

This city is so hot even the penguins on nearby Boulder’s Beach want in on the action. Great food, the oldest wine route in the world and fantastic hotels, it’s a great destination for couples who want to slow down and reconnect.


Any city where the statues are this tightly embraced clearly encourages romance. Come for the food and fountains, stay for the the romantic vibe. Hey, there’s nothing better than holding hands with someone you love and strolling through the Eternal City.


The Spanish love love. In fact, their entire culture, from food, music and art, to language and fashion all seem based on the fact that love matters most in life. It’s a great place to relearn how important love actually is.


The city of brotherly love has a reputation as being tough and blue collar, but it’s also a city of great food, super friendly people, history, architecture and it’s a great place for an affordable getaway. Can you tell we love Philly? Pro tip check out 13th Street, this shows what passionate people can do to elevate their city.


Bali is an island of beaches, volcanoes, nightlife, temples, rice paddies and so much more. Despite being pretty legendary (ie busy), It is still one of the most romantic places on earth. This is a great place to swim, surf, enjoy the natural wonder and just hang with someone you love.


What could be more romantic than going to the ends of the world together? Tasmania is remote and private, but the city of Hobart just happens to have an awesome culinary and cocktail scene. It’s perfect if you actually like each other.


A short flight from Europe, Morocco encompasses the best of North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East into a friendly, extremely beautiful and very romantic destination. Ocean, desert, mountain it has it all, along with wonderful Souks. Its a great place to explore and learn about yourself and your partner.

The world of course is what you make it, so our advice is to make it a romantic place for two. Our top 10 most romantic getaways are to get you thinking… and dreaming. But if you’re single, these are great places to treat yourself as well. Travel is the best way to say “I love you.”