Unmissable Spots to Visit in Calgary

Deep in the province of Alberta, Canada, you’ll find the cosmopolitan city that is Calgary. With its rapid growth and tall skyscrapers, it’s a city that deserves a trip at least once in your life especially if you’re passing through Canada at some point. Calgary makes for an excellent location for any type of activity or family vacation. Whether you’re seeking thrills through skiing or want a relaxing vacation that involves hiking, Calgary has it all and more. There’s plenty to see and do, but we’ve managed to condense it down into a small list of unmissable spots to visit when you’re in this wonderful city.

Calgary Zoo and Prehistoric Park

Although a relatively small zoo, there is plenty to explore in this prehistoric park and it’s recommended that you give yourself at least 4 hours to tour the entire place without feeling too rushed. Some might see the entrance fee as overpriced, but it’s worth every dollar you pay thanks to the unique and wonderful sights that you can see. The exhibits are varied and interesting, and there’s plenty to learn if you’re bringing young children or if you’ve got an interest in prehistoric animals. The zoo has many rare and threatened species which are difficult to spot elsewhere, giving you plenty of photo opportunities as well.

Calgary SpacePort

A free and educational location that focuses on space and aeronautics. Located a short distance from Holiday Inn Calgary Airport, it’s one of the first stops that people make and it excites both kids and adults. There are some hands-on exhibits that you can get involved with, there are plenty of displays to indulge in and they make learning fun with some of the latest technology. There are even simulators that you and your children can get inside of, including an eight-person space capsule simulation.

Heritage Park

You might think that this is more of a grown-up place to visit to learn about the history and growth of this area, but there are plenty of activities to keep the kids distracted. The tour is fantastic and the park hosts are generally extremely friendly individuals that are more than likely to make you feel welcome. The park covers a massive area, but luckily there are maps and plenty of helpful members of staff around. Heritage Park is best explored at a leisurely pace, so make space in your schedule if you plan to come to this historical village.

Military Museums

If you’re interested in military history, then look no further than the Military Museums in Calgary. Experience life as a member of the Canadian Forces, walk through a world war trench and take in-depth tours of the various districts that the museum is split into. There is a tank park to explore, a naval museum to get up close with, and even an air force museum. With so much to see and do, the Military Museums are an iconic Calgary attraction that no military enthusiast should miss out on.

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