Travel Safe in 2017

With the way things seem to be going in the wold these days it is getting more difficult for the average person to comprehend the concept of “safe travel”.  The main stream media is constantly bombarding viewers with shootings, bombings and other acts of terror seemingly on a nightly basis.  

The truth of the matter is, travel is just as safe today as it ever was.  In fact statistics show that 2015 was the safest year for travel in the history of aviation

As for travel destinations, Canada and Japan remain the safest places to travel to.  There are obviously some places in the world that experts would not recommend you travel to on vacation however, most savvy travelers are aware that travel, for the most part, is not only safe, but an adventure that should be embraced and enjoyed.  They are aware that there is no such thing as risk free travel and most take the necessary precautions while visiting foreign countries.  A simple way is to research common scams and dangers at your destination on a travel information website. For Americans, that would be the Bureau of Consular Affairs.

It is usually the traveler’s friends and family members back home who seem to be the most concerned about the traveler and need to be reassured every step of the way that their trip is going well.  This usually entails a series of long distance phone calls, texts and emails.

There is a new app that is quickly gaining traction among frequent travelers which is changing all that.  My Safe Button offers an easy and efficient way to let your friends and family members back home know that you are safe with the simple click of a button. You simply download the app, add your contacts and click the button.  Your friends and family will not only receive a message that you are safe but also the time and date you checked in and your exact location, anywhere in the world.
This app can also be invaluable to businesses with a traveling sales force.  The world map will display the exact location of each member of the team and when they last checked in.  

The simplest thing to remember when traveling is to use the same common sense you use at home. It’s not rocket science, and as long as you’re smart about it you’re in for a positive adventure.  And if you deem it necessary to ensure someone (a friend, family member, or fellow traveler) knows your itinerary and where you should be at any given time, My Safe Button is the simplest, recommended solution.