Tips on a Mini Summer Vacation

The trend this year is definitely to stay closer to home… but many people are looking for day trip or slightly longer getaways. So we put our thinking caps on and came up with a few suggestions on how you can take a Mini summer vacation.

Go Hiking

Even if you like hiking at home, it’ll be even better when you’re away on vacation. Not only will the terrain be different, but you’ve also got the luxury of time – you won’t have to start worrying about getting home on time to make dinner or do the laundry. Instead, when you’re on vacation, your time is absolutely your own, so you’ll be able to indulge in some great walks and some incredible sight-seeing, whether it’s in a local rural beauty spot or as part of a slick city break. Just make sure that you take a map and compass and that if the local terrain is difficult, you go out with a guide – it’s important to make sure that you don’t get lost and that you have the right gear. A pair of great walking boots is always a solid investment.

Try Wine Tasting

If you’ve always liked the finer pleasures in life, it could be time to go for some wine tasting. Most states now produce local wine. And some are really good. Visiting when they re-open is a little luxury.  Find a wine tasting near you when you’re away and make sure that you take notes so that you can find the best wines when you’re at home as well. 

Learn A Language

If you want to really make the most of your vacation time, it could be time to learn a language. Let’s face it, we will eventually be allowed to travel further afield and think how much more enjoyable it would be  if you knew the language. So whether you immerse yourself in learning Spanish or French or Chinese,  there are many online lessons that you can take sitting around your pool.

 Try Out Local Food Scene

If you love gastronomy then you may be looking forward to trying out all the local restaurants when you go on vacation. But if at all possible, you should make sure that you try the local food scene as well. That might be a little easier if you’re staying home and doing day trips or if you decide to rent a house or an Airbnb. But if you have access to a kitchen then you should make sure that you really take advantage of all the culinary delights on offer to you.

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