The True Golden Era of Travel

The golden era of travel may be gone for many but it’s not forgotten and so fortunately those of us who care about luxury can still enjoy travel as it once was.

For any Agatha Christie fan, Murder on the Orient Express brings back memories of a golden age of travel. Back when people actually dressed for dinner and didn’t wear shorts and T shirts to travel. Rather they tried to emulate the grandeur of the rich and famous when it used to take time to travel the world. And perhaps the world of travel was more classy, elegant and gentler then.

Well that era’s ethos still exists on the Eastern and Oriental Express. The train goes from Bangkok to Singapore, via Kuala Lumpur in true luxurious splendor. There are 65 cabins and you are treated with an Asian 5 star hotel style as you race through rice fields and jungles to get to the most exotic of destinations.

There is a dining car, bar area on another car, observation car and cabins that will make you feel you as if have been whisked away from your estate in Downton Abbey to meet friends from across the world.


After Bangkok on you cross the River Kwai. This is the infamous river from the movie Bridge Over the River Kwai, but more than this, the river is like a vein to Asia. You will see the lifeline of shipping being pumped through ports to cities all throughout SE Asia.

The next stop is Penang to see more colonel history. Steaming through Thailand to Malaysia offers beautiful scenery. The train’s classic nature complements this timeless scenery. If you ever saw Wicker’s World in the 1970’s then this is what it still looks like.

E&O Food

The kitchen on the train is tiny, but it accommodates 120 people that want breakfast at the same time, lunch, tea, canapés and dinner. It reminds me of the old Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Kitchen that served 300 meals in a kitchen that looks like it wouldn’t have supported a 2 bedroom apartment. Still the food is brilliant.

Here’s our video on the experience.

The Fantasy List

My best Asian trip would be flying into Hong Kong. Staying a few days at the Peninsula or Intercontinental. The flying First Class on Emirates to Bangkok on their brilliant Airbus A380, staying one or two nights at the Mandarin Bangkok and before heading off on the train for the rail trip of a lifetime. In Singapore I would stay at the Raffles for old style opulence or the Ritz for modern indulgence. Singapore is a wonderful food haven of fusion cuisine, making east meets west delicacies in the best possible way.

Bangkok, Singapore are both so different and yet so perfectly matched when you are transported in the old time luxury of the Eastern and Orient Express.

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