The Best US Travel Destinations For Foodies!

One of the best things about traveling is getting to try new food. If you’re a keen foodie, then you need to plan a trip around the US this year. It’s country that’s full of amazing foodie hotspots that bring tears of joy streaming down your face. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the best destinations to visit for a food-inspired holiday:


Aside from being a phenomenally beautiful tourist location, the state of California is home to two cities that boast culinary delights like no other.

San Francisco

San Fran’s culinary scene is quite spectacular. Many people see it as THE place to go if you want to try new and exciting dishes. The restaurants in the city are all of exceptionally high-quality – you’ll struggle to find more Michelin star eateries in one place! All the chefs are keen to be creative and experimental, creating a very unique cuisine.

Los Angeles

LA finds its way on this list because it’s such a multicultural city. This means there is an abundance of different restaurants to tickle your taste buds. Set yourself up in a hotel for the weekend and see how many different cuisines you can try. There are flavors from all over the world here, it’s such a unique eating experience.


Louisiana is a fantastic state for foodies that want a taste of delicious southern cuisine. I could’ve picked any number of cities here, but I’m more than happy with the two I settled on.

Lake Charles

This city flies a little under the radar, which is mainly due to the popularity of the second city on my list. However, it offers so many amazing diners and restaurants for foodies. The two main things here are the Creole and Cajun cuisine. The dishes are to die for! Such a magnificent blend of flavors and spices, it’s incredible stuff. The great news is there are plenty of affordable hotels in Lake Charles, Louisiana. What’s more, a lot of them have restaurants that serve up these traditional delights right to your door. It’s a great place to visit, particularly if you’re keen to try some delicious food.

New Orleans

New Orleans is arguably the food capital of the US. Again, you have the Cajun and Creole cuisine here, with many top dishes like jambalaya and gumbo. In this city, every restaurant makes your dining experience special. You can tell that food is a big thing here, and that’s reflected in the overall eating experience.


Illinois gets a little mention because it happens to be home to one of the best food cities on planet earth!


Yes, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the great city of Chicago. It’s famous for so many exciting food trends; including the iconic deep-dish pizzas. Award-winning restaurants dot the river, and so many different flavors flying around this city. You simply can’t leave without trying the popular loaded hotdogs or the local favorite Italian beef dishes. There’s so much food here, you need to book a hotel in Chicago and stay for at least a few days to try it all.

If possible, plan a trip around all of the destinations mentioned on this list! However, if you can only manage one of two locations, then you’ll still get a great foodie experience.


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