The Art of Food

Eating while on a business trip is one of the true pleasures of leaving home. And perhaps nowhere more than Thailand will a traveler be greeted with so many delectable options.OK maybe India and China, but you get our drift. We love Thai food. Yum. And so to share this passion with our community our Editors thought we’d order in our favourite Thai, crack open some cold Singha Beers and begin writing an exhaustive series of essays on Thai Cuisine.

Well let’s just say there were more than a few Singhas, the Khao Soi Gai was great, the Som Tum spicy and before we knew it, the evening had passed. We were full, a little drunk and way too tired/blissed out to write the series. So this fun Infographic will have to do instead. But hey we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a really good intro into the cuisine that will change your life.