Going Global - Sidney, Moving Up, Down Under


Going Global, Moving Up, Down UnderAustralia is a country with growing foreign investment, strong economic credentials and a stable and open system of government. It is also strategically located near Asia, with a Western lifestyle, making it a great place to start a business or launch a satellite office.

If you plan to open a branch or start up a business in Sydney, It is imperative that you get the proper licenses and registrations for your business before you embark. A wide-ranging online resource is the New South Wales Business Licence Information, offering a plethora of information needed to set up a business in Sydney. It is important to note that when locating in Australia’s largest city, Sydney, you will be subject to both Australian laws and the laws of the state of New South Wales (NSW). Business opportunities exist on many education levels and in many sectors in Australia, Australia is one of the world’s leading service economies with key focuses being Financial Services, Advanced Manufacturing, Infrastructure, ICT (Information and Communications Technology), Biotechnology, Clean Energy, Tourism and Mining & Resources.

Going Global, Moving Up, Down UnderNSW has the largest economy in Australia, at approximately 32% of Australia’s GDP. Sydney alone accounts for almost one quarter of Australia’s GDP. Fair tax practices, flexible, responsible financial practices, open regulation and a transparent government policy make NSW an advantageous base for international companies in the Asia Pacific. A place where hard, smart work is on the agenda, but not necessarily long hours; Australians value their down time and like to do a deal over a meal or even a pint of beer. A casual, open people, Australian business people show up educated, well-informed on ready to cheerfully negotiate.

Sydney’s transportations systems, technologically advanced business centers, well trained work force, quality hotels and travel amenities also make it a great place to meet and do business. The top notch restaurants, cafés and beautiful patio views may, however, make for distractions from work; that may explain why most Aussies book off work early on Fridays!