Psst Here’s the Scoop on Rude Travelers – Infographic


Travel has been described as a collision of cultures but perhaps more accurately it is simply a clash of stereotypes. Perhaps we mistake different cultural values as rudeness? Or are there simply international standards of common decency that travellers are failing to live up to? And are our skies and hotels really clogged with so many rude people? The answer sadly seems to be a resounding yes.

Our Editors are constantly shocked by how many people seem to pack their bags while leaving their etiquette at home. Civility while traveling is one of the hallmarks of a great journey, so we like this Infographic which outlines the bad behaviours and rude habits of tourists and business travellers alike. We’re looking at you seat kickers!


So what about you, what are your pet peeves and the biggest etiquette fails that you see as you travel the world? We want to know – yep we’re gluttons for punishment and you’ll feel better getting it off of your chest.

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