7 of the Most Magical Places to Visit in Africa

For a lot of people, going on vacation is all about seeing things they wouldn’t usually see – exploring the many wonders of the world. And, what better place to do this than Africa? With its formidable animal life and expansive landscapes, it is arguably one of the best places to take incredible photographs that will remind you of the most magical moments. With that in mind, read on to discover seven of the most amazing places to visit in Africa.

  1. Lake Malawi, Malawi – Situated in the south-east of Africa, and you will find Malawi, and one of the most stunning lakes in the world. Dr. David Livingstone trekked here over a century and a half ago, and he dubbed it the ‘Lake of Stars.’ It is certainly a sight to behold, boasting 1,300 species of tropical fish – more than any other lake in the world.
  2. Fish River Canyon, Namibia – For true peace and serenity, there is no place better than the Fish River Canyon in Namibia. At more than 160 km long and some 500 m deep, this great rift is the second biggest in the world, only falling behind the Grand Canyon in the United States. The gorgeous, turquoise pools are stunning, with the flowering water stretching far into the distance.
  3. Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique – You can take a short helicopter ride to the Azura Retreats lodge on Benguerra Island, start from the Bazaruto Archipelago, of course. This is definitely worth it. The boutique hotel has won numerous awards, and it is set on a remote desert island, which happens to be bang in the middle of a Marine National Park. This means you will have plenty of opportunities to see dolphins and whales up close.
  4. Flamingos, Kenya – You will find one million resident flamingos residing at Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya. This provides you with one of the most colourful and unforgettable sights. There is something incredible about seeing swathes of vibrant pink birds filling the huge sky and the alkaline lake.
  5. Sphinx, Egypt – The Sphinx has a human head yet the body of a lion, and this huge temple can be found just before the Valley Temple of King Chefren. It is a colossal, ancient temple, at 20 m high and 70 m long.
  6. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania – It is not a surprise that Mount Kilimanjaro makes the list. The Kilimanjaro climb is one of the most fulfilling and reward activities you can do while on holiday. After all, it is the highest peak in Africa – at 5,895 m high, so you can imagine the stunning views you will witness. It is something that cannot be done justice in mere words.
  7. The great migration, Tanzania – Tanzania has a lot to offer. Not only does Mount Kilimanjaro provide spectacular views, but the great migration provides a wonderful spectacle, albeit of a different kind. Luckily, the great migration is a year-round event, as hundreds of zebra and millions of wildebeest move from the Ngorongoro Reserve in January, making their way through to Serengeti, and then hitting Kenya in September, before making the journey south again.