Most Popular Luxury Destinations

A recent survey based on data from over 3 million visitors in 2017 has ranked the most popular luxury destinations in the world. Europe and Asia fares quite well with a number of obvious choices including resort locations and urban destinations. Really there aren’t too many surprises, though we thought we’d see South Africa on the list as it’s a perennial favorite for luxury safaris.

Paris, Dubai, New York, London and Singapore round out the top 5 destinations for luxury travelers according to the survey..

Overall, three destinations in the US made the list, New York, Hawaii and Florida. Whilst two destinations in Spain (Majorca and Barcelona) were featured. London was the only UK city to be included.

Maldives and the Bahamas are also featured in the top 25 list mainly due to their high average visitor hotel spend.

The top 25 luxury travel destinations for 2017 are as follows;

Rank Type Destination Country Overall Rating
1 City Paris France 93.2
2 City Dubai UAE 84.0
3 Region New York USA 83.8
4 City London UK 83.6
5 City Singapore Singapore 80.2
6 City Amsterdam Netherlands 77.3
7 City Rome Italy 76.9
8 Region Bali Indonesia 76.7
9 City Hong Kong Hong Kong 75.2
10 Region Hawaii USA 74.8
11 Region Maldives Maldives 74.2
12 Region Santorini Greece 74.1
13 Region Florida USA 71.8
14 Region Majorca Spain 67.0
15 City Cancun Mexico 66.2
16 Region Barcelona Spain 65.6
17 City Venice Italy 65.5
18 Region Amalfi Coast Italy 64.4
19 City Abu Dhabi UAE 60.4
20 Region Bahamas Bahamas 60.0
21 City Tokyo Japan 59.8
22 City Sydney Australia 59.5
23 Region Phuket Thailand 59.3
24 City Milan Italy 59.0
25 City Vienna Austria 57.8

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About the Methodology:

The survey methodology combines both the overall popularity of each destination, from over 3 million visitors to the website in 2017 with the average transaction amount each traveler spends on their hotel. Results weighted towards popularity (60%), then average booking amount (40%). The higher the average spend per destination and the more visitors, the higher the destination appears.(see overall rating column above for results)

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