Going Global TV - North Africa


Going Global TV - North AfricaWhile North Africa is not considered a primary destination for expats, the region is a cultural hub and is certainly appealing as a new and exotic place to live. As a focal point for changing politics and various epicentres of education, expats moving to North Africa will experience a place of conversion and possibility. And, as North Africa continues to grow and change, relocating to further one’s career or business interests is a more frequent occurrence. That being said, expats thinking of moving to North Africa need to pay special attention to the individual country they are considering and the political situation that exists there.

Although English is spoken throughout North Africa, it is more readily found in urban areas as Arabic is the most common language of the region. Regardless of ethnic background, many North Africans identify culturally with the Arabic history. Women dress more conservatively and Islam is widely practiced, although far less stringently or traditionally adhered to than in some other countries.

Going Global TV - North AfricaWith a hot, dry climate that becomes more humid the closer you travel to the equator, North Africa is a relatively comfortable place to live. The coastal regions of North Africa experience temperate or “Mediterranean” weather, including dry summers and wet winters, due to their proximity to the oceans.

Most cities have a surprisingly modern infrastructure; complete with transit, apartment complexes, malls and entertainment centres; while maintaining traditional markets and cultural areas of interest.

Visa’s and work permits vary; embassies and reliable internet resources are your best bet when initially investigating a move to the North African region. Offering employment and business opportunities in Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Hospitality, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Media, Real estate and more, North Africa is bristling with opportunity and potential.