Must-Do Tips Before You Travel Now

Travel changes you. It is both a privilege and a tool; an opportunity to share, receive, learn and then leave a place just as you found it. The world is reopening and many would-be adventurers who had previously put bucket lists and travel dreams to the side in pursuit of more “responsible” life tasks are now looking into making these journeys happen. 

The confusion of testing, not testing, registering for local “covid-travel apps”, providing proof of vaccination, getting boosters and more are new points of concern when planning a trip. 

It is best to put this at the top of your “Must-Do’s” before you travel, meaning look online into both your destination and your country of origin and get the latest information regarding travel requirements, and then over-do it. If you must have an app on your phone proving vaccination, also bring a print-out to be on the safe side. 

Here are a few more Must-Do’s Before You Travel:

  1. Buy Travel Insurance & Travel Medical Insurance and ensure they both cover Covid-19. Some plans do not cover this, and you may have to buy something additional to be totally covered. This is an expense that you should consider mandatory in your trip. 
  • Get any visas needed for your destination. This seems obvious but is often overlooked. Different destinations have different requirements, from no visa to visa-on-arrival and even a visa that requires you to submit your passport for a period of time prior to travelling. Investigate and be sure to get what you need. 
  • Make your lodging reservations or determine your PLAN for lodging (this totally depends on what type of trip you are taking). Some destinations will have better and even more affordable lodgings to be found once you arrive, and you may want to do this (after booking your first one or two nights), Laos is a great example of this, with many lovely small bed and breakfasts and hotels to be found. Research and make a smart and workable decision regarding where you will stay. When doing this it is important to note that many border entries will want to see some sort of proof of reservation AND you do not want to get stuck looking for a place to stay where you may not find one. There are many places where all or most of your stay should be booked ahead, and others where booking shortly after you land works great. 
  • Get an international drivers-license if you plan on driving!
  • Make copies of your Passport, both on your phone and printed out. Leave a copy with friends or family at home.

These are only a few of the things you need to check off of your list when planning your next trip.

Happy travels! 

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