The Insider’s Guide to a Different Kind of Mexico

Mexico, no kids allowed and unlimited free alcohol. Boy does someone know the way to my heart. To be clear, I do in fact love kids, just not annoying ones, joking, no, but really.

So anyway…

I knew I was going to love this place the second I stepped out of the hotel transfer and was greeted with a cold wet towel and glass of champagne to relieve the heat and quench my thirst. Not to mention a ratio of about 21 staff to one guest.

I have written previously about the crossroads I face when traveling. Do I sacrifice culture for relaxation or can both be savored in a trip? I love the adventure of travel, experiencing the street food and immersing myself in the culture but, I have a ‘Secret’…and it’s called ‘The Vine’. This five star, first class hotel was the only place I wanted to be for the next three days after the whirlwind trip I am just had. Details about that coming soon.

Secrets the Vine’ is all inclusive food and premium alcohol, has more pools I could count on my hand plus a white sandy beach out the back. I was lapping it up in luxury. No apologies here

If lying on the beach doing absolutely nothing if not your thing, check out the newsletter, Sundial, delivered each morning to your room outlining the day’s activities. From beach boot camp (yeah right!), to volleyball and snorkeling, there are options for all types.

But it was the food that I couldn’t resist. Finally some decent seafood I didn’t have to feel like I was throwing my whole paycheck away on. Maybe note down that my enjoyment of the food was probably also due to the fact I didn’t have to pay a check at the end, or that my stay was courtesy of my job. But man, New York rent is high! I pay through the nose for a lovely quaint shoebox and overpriced bodega groceries. This was a nice change.

Less than a year old, this toddler of hotels is growing fast into a mainstay for Cancun visitors and somewhere I would gladly consider again, even if it were only for the welcome champagne.

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