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Hotel Check In: W Times Square

Many years ago when the W Times Square first opened, I stayed there. I wanted to experience what this new brand for Starwood was going to be like. After all NYC was their debut location and a fitting one for their cool, sleek, urban ethos.

The hotel could not have been more in sync with New York. They captured the heart of the city and retained their value proposition with great quality and exceptional views.

I am not usually a fan of having the lobby level on a different floor as this means you have to take 2 elevators to get to your room. However in NYC it’s pretty standard. Upon Check in on the 4th level, while the newly renovated lounge was being prepared, I was given a marvelous suite on the 51st floor which both surprised and delighted me.

Space is hard to come by in NY hotels and I had what in essence was a typical room for the property but it still contained a living room and bedroom, 1 1/2 bathrooms and views that went all the way down midtown to the water. It was quite spectacular.


The original concept of W was clean modern rooms with the utmost in design to create luxury in small spaces. They are still the leaders in this genre of hotel in my opinion.

Staff are always quick to respond and efficient. There is a fabulous restaurant that has been at the flagship hotel from the beginning. Blue Fin and the bar is small and gets crowded with the after work New Yorkers but that just makes it more lively and fun.

The area is great, close to 5th Ave and the major stores, so it’s not too far to head anywhere in NY. I even walked from the hotel on 47th Street down to Soho House on 13th Street and on a bright sunny day it took my only 30 minutes.

Times Sq. only has one problem. This is theater land and all the restaurants are packed at 6pm for pre theater meals and it’s hard to move around the lines. Don’t worry quiets down until the stage doors open and people leave to home. Also traffic is always a standstill getting in and out, so try to walk a few blocks and find a cab there.

NY never gets old, its magical every time. It’s a new adventure every time.

W is true to the brand within the Starwood group and they keep it uniformed and consistent in every way.  I would say W Times Square is one of the best hotels for price and quality in NYC.

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