Tasting Japan? It’s A Good Idea!

Travelling the globe is all about taking in new experiences, immersion into other cultures and learning all about different foods and drinks to enjoy. If there’s one place that should be on the bucket list for everyone, it’s Japan.

It’s not only a once in a lifetime destination with stunning landscapes, it’s a place with a very strong, beautiful culture and a cuisine that is deliciously fresh and impossibly chic. A country that can balance traditional ingredients and cooking with a modern take on each dish is one that isn’t to be missed. The cuisine is famous for its nutritious dishes, and the diet is so fresh that you’re going to be blown away by the quality on your visit. There are plenty of things to do and see in Japan, and seeing as you can get amazing group holidays with https://www.gadventures.com/destinations/asia/japan/, it’s only fitting that we walk you through some of the best things to discover about Japanese cuisine. After all, where else could you get such an amazingly fresh food in a place with amazing things to do and see? We’ve got some of the best dishes around that you must try before you leave Japan, so take a seat and make a note on your itinerary!

Sushi. Of course, sushi is popular worldwide, but it first originated in Japan. It started out as a street food, but fresh, raw fish was assembled on a bed of rice seasoned very delicately with vinegar. It’s been developed to the point of other meats and flavours being added, but the original uni will always be a favourite in Japan.

Ramen. You can’t get away from it in Japan, and you wouldn’t want to, either. Ramen egg noodles here are not the same as the dried, packaged version you find on the commercial shelves. Originally a Chinese concept, ramen noodles were imported and made totally unique by the Japanese. Tonkotsu, miso, soy and salt are the four types of ramen, and you cannot leave without trying each of them.

Tonkatsu. Unlike the earlier mentioned Tonkotsu, Tonkatsu is a breaded pork cutlet that has been deep fried and served with rice and sauce. The ingredients are fresh and thoroughly Japanese, but have had the influence of the deep-fried western culture. Try it with shredded cabbage and a cup of miso soup for a full, enriching experience.

Unagi. “Friends” made it famous as a state of mind, but unagi is fresh water eel that has been grilled over charcoal and smothered in a sweet barbecue sauce. You can get this usually between May and October, and it is a delicacy that is reminiscent of Old Japan in its traditional taste.

Japan is full of experiences, temples, fast paced cities and culture you will enjoy soaking up, but without trying the cuisine before you go – the REAL cuisine, not the fake stuff – you will have missed a big part of the country. Don’t let your chance for wonderfully fresh food go to waste.


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