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Hosting its first exhibition in Dashilar on Yangmeizhu Hutong, Almost Art Project will be showcasing over 300 works of art dedicated to ‘outsider’ Art and comic art. The festival will include pieces from 43 ‘outsider artists’ and 16 different comic artists

A term referred to art made by artists without profession art training, ‘Outsider’ Art or ‘art brut’ are not to be underestimated and have played a major role in Art History.

“Wassily Kandinsky, Jean Dubuffet and Paul Klee were all influenced by ‘outsider’ Art. Henri Rousseau and Jean-Paul Gauguin were both self-taught and are often considered ‘outsider’ artists. According to Jean Dubuffet, ‘outsider’ Art is the freest and most quintessential Art form, because their creators are unpolluted by social and market forces, and the creative energy is derived from artists’ compulsions alone.”

Though many famous artists in history fall under the ‘outsider’ art category, this is pretty much unchartered territory in China. Thus introducing the Almost Art Project.

“After a long process of research and discovery, we have been rewarded by many first class examples of ‘outsider’ Art which has confirmed our confidence in its potential. These works of Art are not only detached from academic and market traditions, but they represent a total refutation of prevalent artistic rules.” 

In a venue space located in Beijing’s booming art hub Dashilar, the exhibition will be open to the public from Saturday, June 27th to Sunday, July 5th from 11AM-8PM.

Almost Art: ‘Outsider Art’ exhibitionAlmost Art: ‘Outsider Art’ exhibitionAlmost Art: ‘Outsider Art’ exhibitionAlmost Art: ‘Outsider Art’ exhibitionAlmost Art: ‘Outsider Art’ exhibition

List of Outsider Artists on Display:

A Lan, Ba Zi, Chang Li-Yeh, Jian Jiang Xiaorong, Li Ben,  Li Changsheng, Li Jie, Li Qing, Liu Yonghe, Li Zhongdong, Julia Long, Peng Rachel, Pin Fang, Qi Wen, Qian Chen, Qian Qian, Shidan zhenpengcuo, Shi Zhiwei, Sun Qijiang, Tang Suyun, Tao Zi, Tian Tian, Wan Tiejuan,Wang Baozhu, Liu Xiufen, Wang Hua, Wang Zhen, Wei Wanzhen, Wen Jun, Xiao Zi, Yang Chuanming, Yang Min, Yang Yang, Yao Weili, Yue Yue, Zha Ba, Zhang Yi, Zhang Yubao, Zheng Donghui, Nathan Zhou, Zhou Huiming, Zhu Jianhua

List of Comic Artists:

Yan Cong, Dick Ng, Xiang Yata, Zi Jie, Leng Anusman, Ryan, Chen Xi, Liao Chen, Qian Daojiang, Neng Jianri, Shi Bei, Huo Xiaozhi, Si Wei, Pigao, Shang Ying

Almost Art: ‘Outsider Art’ exhibition

Almost Art Project Exhibition Details:

  • Dates: From June 27th-July 5th
  • Time: 11AM-8PM
  • Location: No. 120, 122, 128 Yang Mei Zhu Xie Jie, Dashilar, Qian Men, Beijing
  • Chinese Address: 北京市东城区大栅栏杨梅竹斜街120号
  • Website:

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