Activities To Do on a Holiday in the Cotswolds

Written by: Richard Campbell, 10 Adventures

The Cotswolds make for a fantastic holiday destination. Just think about splitting daylight between the quiet English countryside, notable attractions and activities, and storybook villages. Some popular activities in the Cotswolds include visiting the Gloucester Cathedral, hitting up Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens, or trying out water sports at the Cotswold Water Park. To travel a little deeper into the stunning Cotswold scenery, check out some of the activities below!


Immerse in rolling hills and serene forests, traverse quaint villages and get up close with castles on walks in the Cotswolds. The Newark Park Loop, Great Barrington Circular Walk, and Chedworth Roman Villa Walk are entertaining walking adventures adorned with ever-changing scenery. Some walks intertwine history with nature, only adding to the wonder of the Cotswolds. Of course, the other popular path is the long-distance Cotswold Way, which stretches across 164km. 

Horseback Riding

The most popular route for horseback riding in the Cotswolds is the long-distance Sabrina Way. Other options for those not wanting to go on a massive ride are Chedworth and Withington Woods, Brimpsfield and Cranham, and Westdown and Hawling. It may be best to look into a horse riding tour to explore the Cotswolds!


The quiet country lanes and bridleways create excellent cycling opportunities! Most routes are pretty short with some uphill heart pumps—if you want more exercise, you can always take on a small cycling route before walking or do two cycling excursions before plopping down for a rewarding pint. Some recommended paths are the 16-km Infant Thames and the longer Winchcombe Circular Route. 

Explore the Castles

We can’t list what to do in the Cotswolds on holiday without talking about the epic castles. Feel like you’ve stepped into a time capsule harking back to the past when you visit the 15th-century Sudeley Castle, 14th-century Broughton Castle, 12th-century Berkeley Castle, and more. 

If you aren’t in the mood to plan your trip, consider booking a tour in the Cotswolds! What better way to view the honey-coated thatched cottages, charming villages, and relaxing scenery than to show up stress-free? Either way, a holiday in the Cotswolds grants a chance to fuse relaxation with exploring!

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