The Fine Art of Packing

After decades of traveling around the world I have a very precise way of packing. In fact I would say I have mastered the fine art of packing.

I used to take a lot of unnecessary things but over the years I have been able to muster what I will need and what I won’t. That is the first step of really cutting back what you bring.

Unfortunately though this advice has never rubbed off to my wife. We did an Asia trip a couple of years ago and including two children, a car seat and a stroller we had 14 pieces of checked luggage.  This was not good packing.

Oh my god! Never ever again.

There was an umbrella in that too.

Carry on for long haul even if I check in a bag

Computer, iPad, headphones, charger, international travel adapter, amenity kit, underwear, t-shirt x 2, sweat pants with very light material.

The reason I take underwear and a change of clothes is that I’ve lost luggage too many times and the first thing you want to do after a long haul flight is change into something new. Plus many lounges have showers and there’s nothing worse than putting back on those old clothes after you emerge fresh and clean.

Next travel tip is my amenity kit.

This is not because I don’t get one on our plane. It’s because most first and business class amenity kits don’t have what I really need. Deodorant. Why don’t more airlines offer a nice little miniature throw away deodorant? It feels fantastic after a shower in the lounge if I am connecting on a long haul flight

Another great toiletry is cologne or perfume. So when you’re next to the perfume counter ask for a couple of samples. A little fragrance or moisturizer is perfect to get you through that flight.

A toothbrush of course, shave kit and an eye mask.

Many flights I take from the US to the UK in the night keep the cabin lights on for dinner and so after the service it only leave you a few hours to sleep. But an eye mask lets you fall asleep without disturbances.

Then carry-on number two.

This is if I’m going to try and avoid checking a bag altogether.

I have done a 10 day Asia trip and it worked perfectly.

I pack underwear of course, one pair of flip-flops which are very light, one of a pair of shoes other than what I’m wearing, enough shirts for 6 to 8 days, t-shirts, toiletry bag, two pairs of shorts (always looking for light weight material) a tie and that’s it!

The trick with packing less is I’ll just use the laundry at the hotel.

This way I can breeze through an airport without waiting or the chance of losing a bag.

My dad taught me well!


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