Cruise Control: Meetings Are More Fun on the Water

Having business meetings in boardrooms is soooo 1999. We’re well into the new millennium now – where our cars give us directions, Google knows more about us than our mothers, and you can print 3D objects. It’s time to spice up our business meetings and give them an exciting, 21st century twist. And one of the coolest ways to do that is with a cruise.

Take it to the Sea

Take just about any city in the world, and if it has a lake, river, or even ocean within a few miles drive, chances are, there’s a private yacht charter company that offers their boats for business meetings.

This is a great way to wow your clients and/or reward your employees. Cruising down the river or ocean on a sleek, modern yacht will provide everyone with a much-needed change of scenery and pace. Such a change can be fantastic for brainstorming. The water has a calming effect, and when the brain is relaxed, ideas tend to flow much easier. In addition, the excitement of being out of the office, and parked on a vessel normally meant for luxury entertainment, with the sun shining on their shoulders, will give your employees or clients a natural high that will release serotonin in their brains, making them feel good, think clearer, and have a more positive response to what’s being said.

Team Building

Yachts are great places not only for brainstorming with employees, and entertaining clients, but also for team building. One great idea for this is to charter a sailboat and have your employees work together to cruise it through a course. Another idea is to charter two boats, split your group in two teams, and race the yachts in a bay.


If you want to truly stun your clients and/or team with your upcoming presentation, presenting it on a yacht is a great way to do so. Not only will they be more relaxed and therefore open to your ideas, but let’s be honest, every idea seems better when you’re on a luxury yacht! Furthermore, you will have a captive audience since there will be far fewer distractions. Make sure to check that the yacht charter company will provide you with the appropriate audio-visual equipment to make your presentation a success.

Go the Extra Mile

By choosing to take your clients or employees on a luxury yacht for your meeting, it demonstrates that you are willing to go out of your way for them. It takes keen attention to detail to plan a yachting trip, as well as an open mind, and an extra large entertainment budget for that month. But taking this extra step and putting in the extra effort to bring your employees or clients to the sea, sun, and scenery, can often pay off 10 fold in the end, through increased productivity, or possibly winning that deal you’ve been vying for for months.

Create Memories

No one’s going to be posting photos on Facebook of your Monday morning board meeting on the 14th floor of your office building. But have your meeting on a yacht, and your employees will be chatting for weeks about it – you may even have your company event featured in their Facebook profile photos. This is a great way to build up morale within your company! As for your clients, what better way to imprint your proposal on their mind than to do it in such a luxurious setting. It will likely be a proposal or presentation they won’t soon forget.

Keep in Mind

•    Ensure the company has a special business meeting package – if they don’t, they may create one for you. But this is key, as it will allow you to rent the boat for just a few hours. Otherwise, you may be stuck paying for an entire day when your meeting only lasts for an hour and a half.

•    Choose a reputable company – preferably one that one of your acquaintances has raved about. Make sure they have met the safety standards. The last thing you want to do is put your employees at risk!

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