Oh (North) Carolina!

If its misty mountains, log cabins, and wide open spaces that you are looking for on your next trip then there is nowhere more perfect on Earth that North Carolina. It’s such a beautiful state, and there is so much to do there as well. So read on to find out just how to get the most out of your North Carolina trip.  


Before you start traveling all over the place seeing the things on your list, you need to pick a good base location in which to book accommodation. Somewhere that is perfect for this is the town of Pinehurst. This is because it’s about the same distance from most the major cities in the area, like Fayetteville and Raleigh, and it’s also near to the spectacular Uwharrie National Park.

Also as it’s a smaller town, there is plenty of good quality accommodation like the Best Western Pinehurst Inn to choose from, but the prices are more reasonable than if you chose to stay in the centre of one of the bigger cities. You also get that feeling of staying out in the countryside which is such essential part of a trip to North Carolina. Even though you are in a town with all the modern facilities.

Uwharrie National Park

Of course, being so close to Pinehurst you won’t be able to resist visiting the beautiful Uwharrie National Park. This is a 205 KM acre piece of land that encompasses all the outdoorsy activities you would expect of a national park.

There you can go camping and hiking, as well as fishing, hunting and cycling. There are plenty of lakes too so there is even the opportunity to go water skiing, boating, and tubing if you would like. Something that makes it a great place to visit in the summer when the weather is warm.


Fayetteville sure is set up well both for the residents as well as any visitors. There is so much to do there, including that ever popular North Carolina recreational activity golf. Check out the http://www.gatesfour.com/ course especially, if this is your jam.

Then there are also plenty of ways to cool off when the weather gets warm including the Fantasy Lake Water Park and Westover Park. Or if you are into American and military history, don’t forget to pay Fort Bragg a visit. It’s only a few mile out of Fayetteville and it’s definitely worth a trip as you can see John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Museum and Carvers Creek State Park there.


Of course, Fayetteville, isn’t the only city in North Carolina you are going to want to visit, there is also Rayleigh too. There you will find that Carolina staple of parks and lakes in which to while away the hours. But there are also some more formal activities to engage in as well.

These include Pullen Park, one of the oldest amusement parks in the entire USA,  and the rather spectacular North Carolina Museum Of Art. Where you can see exhibits of Egyptology and even catch a concert.

Or take a trip a little further out of the city to walk the Haunted Forest at Panic Point, perfect if you like a few scares along with your hikes.