Can You Take A Vacation In The Middle East?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the Middle East at the moment, and most travelers avoid that part of the world. While areas like Iraq and Afghanistan are off limits, there are lots of stunning and idyllic places that individuals should see at some point during their lives. With all that in mind, some fantastic tips on this page should help to alleviate some of your concerns and keep you safe during any vacation in the old Mesopotamian landscape.

Making travel arrangements

Anyone who wants to visit the Middle East will just need to book their flights and accommodation online in the same way as they would when visiting any other part of the world. It’s just important to remember that planes only leave for places like Pakistan, The UAE, or Saudi Arabia from particular airports. So, it’s essential that people research that subject ahead of time. Depending on where people might live in the country, they might have to drive for a couple of hundred miles before they can step foot on a plane. Still, the process is straightforward, and there should be no issues. For safety reasons, just be sure to:

  • Read government travel warnings
  • Check to make sure passports are in date
  • Research the destination as much as possible
  • Try to become sensitive to cultural differences

Accessing money

The main issue people face when visiting countries like Qatar or Palestine relates to finances. Nobody wants to carry thousands of dollars on their person. However, sometimes that is the only option because there aren’t many ATMs in some out of the way locations. Still, sites like offer some great advice and information that people can use to ensure they’re never caught short. Try to keep the amount of cash in your wallet to a minimum, but ensure you never run out. It could be hours before you reach the next cash machine, and electronic payment systems aren’t always available in that part of the world.

Travel essentials

There are many travel essentials readers will have to consider if they want to visit the Middle East. For instance, it’s wise to book an appointment to see your doctor at least a couple of months before you plan to fly. Medical professionals will take a look at the area of the world and then offer advice on vaccinations. Smart people will also make sure they invest in a satellite phone using information from sites like so they can communicate with their friends or a Western embassy in emergency situations. It’s not always possible to get a decent cell phone signal when you’re walking through the Gaza strip!

That information should help to put your mind at ease when it comes to taking a vacation in the Middle East. When all’s said and done, the first civilizations came from that part of the globe, and so there are lots of fascinating ancient ruins that most people will never get to see. Sure, there is an increased risk in countries like Syria and Iraq at the moment, but that shouldn’t put you off. Lots of professionals travel to the Middle East every week, and more than 99% of them come back unscathed.