Sensational Scenery: The Most Picturesque Places To Visit in the UK

When most people picture the UK they think of dreary weather and busy London town. However, the UK is also full of amazing, natural beauty. From quaint towns and villages to beaches, national parks and so much more, if you love sightseeing and enjoying the natural world then you won’t be disappointed with any of the following locations. If you’re planning a trip to the UK, be sure to add these onto your travel route!

The Lake District

The lake district in northern England is a mountainous region offering some of the most stunning scenery in the country. Have fun out on the spectacular lakes enjoying canoeing, kayaking, rowing or paddleboarding. Go on a bike ride, or visit one of the tree top zip wiring adventures on offer. You could go bird watching or just hike to see the views- one thing is for sure you won’t want to forget your camera! You could even send photo postcards online right from your phone of the snaps you’ve taken to friends and family back home. You could either go on your own route or join one of the walking tours offered.

The Peak District

Located in central England, the Peak District is famous for its limestone valleys and stepping stones, lots of interesting terrains and the chance to learn plenty. There is a learning and discovery team on site who offer various educational programs, as well as family and community events that enable people to discover, explore and enjoy the incredible qualities of the Peak District. You could hike the trails, there are various lengths and difficulties depending on your fitness levels or kind of trip you’re after. There are caverns to explore, a reservoir you could visit, an opera house and other historic buildings in the area. You could walk around Pavillion Gardens, and see stunning landscaped and beautiful greenery, plants, wildlife, rivers and more. You could even visit the local village while you’re there and take in the quaint English way of life.


The stunning white cliffs of Dover have made it into songs, poetry and countless pieces of art- and for a good reason. These spectacular cliffs really are a sight to behold, the white chalk face has become a symbol of ‘home’ and war time defense to the English people. The cliffs are protected by the National Trust, and when you visit you not only get to see them but the entire beautiful surrounding area too. There’s a lighthouse, incredible views, lots of flora and fauna- you can even adventure under the cliffs. Go on a hard hat, torch lit tour of Fan Bay Deep Shelter- a tunnel complex constructed in the early 40s as accommodation for the gun battery above. The tour takes forty-five minutes, be sure to wear sensible shoes as it’s steep and rocky in places.


Right in the south west of England on the coast is the stunning county of Cornwall. Known for its tranquil, peaceful way of life Cornwall has plenty of gorgeous sites to offer. From picturesque villages to sandy beaches, there are mines, caves, harbors and an estuary. It’s quite unlike other parts of the UK and has been likened to far more tropical locations. You could visit Rough Tor, a location known for its unique stone formations, and being one of the highest points within the county, so there are incredible views all around. Or you could go to Lands End- this is the UK’s longest road trip and takes you to the furthest point on the UK mainland.

Brecon Beacons

If you want to venture out of England, there are tonnes of fabulous picturesque places in Wales too. The Brecon Beacons are a mountain range in south Wales. The Brecon Beacons are one of four mountain ranges in the South Wales area which make up the Brecon Beacons National Park. You can see wildlife and plants, waterfalls, castles and courts, cathedrals and so much more. If you have more time to spend, exploring the Welsh valleys and countryside in general is something you won’t regret, especially if you’re looking for stunning natural landscape.

Since the UK is a relatively small place, you could technically visit all of these places in one trip if you wanted to, or you could devote an entire vacation to each place. Either way, if you want an idyllic getaway with beautiful scenery then book your trip to the UK!

Have you ever visited any of these places? Where would you recommend to visit in the UK?



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