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Best Cities In America For A Quickie

Getaway that is! On the heels of one of the most severe travel droughts in recent history, it’s no wonder Americans are itching to get away and make up for lost time. According to a recent Hotwire survey, an overwhelming 75% of Americans want to travel more to make up for trips they couldn’t take over the last 18 months. What’s more, the overwhelming majority of those surveyed (83%) are after quick, spontaneous trips to meet their travel needs. Cue the “Best Cities for a Quickie” Index!

Not only are last-minute “quickie” trips of 2-3 nights less stressful to plan, but they allow for more at every turn — more frequent trips, more spontaneity, more savings when booking last minute with Hotwire, and more money saved to splurge on fancy experiences. In fact, 79% of Americans report they would use money saved by booking a quickie on Hotwire to level up their getaway:

  • 41% would add fun, active experiences to their itineraries 
  • 35% would splurge on an expensive meal 
  • 29% would pamper themselves with a massage or spa treatment

With those insights in mind, Hotwire’s third annual “America’s Best Cities for a Quickie” index[2] reflects the desire for MORE when it comes to travel – more 4 and 5-star options, swankier amenities, and more experiences while at the destination. To create the 2021 index, the travel experts analyzed over 10,000 internal and external data points across more than 350 cities, including value, volume of experiences (leisure) and driveability, with a focus on 4 and 5-star hotels which offer the most-wanted amenities for a truly leveled-up experience.

America’s Best Cities for a Quickie Index 2021 – Top 40

MAJOR METROPOLISES1.       New York, NY2.       Chicago, IL3.       Los Angeles, CA4.       Philadelphia, PA5.       Washington. DC6.       Boston, MA7.       Las Vegas, NV8.       Houston, TX9.       San Diego, CA10.     Indianapolis, INMID-SIZED MUST-SEES1.       Atlanta, GA2.       Baltimore, MD3.       St. Louis, MO4.       Milwaukee, WI5.       Cincinnati, OH6.       New Orleans, LA7.       Miami, FL8.       Pittsburgh, PA9.       Lexington, KY10.     Cleveland, OHSMALL TOWN FAVORITES1.       Orlando, FL2.       Fort Lauderdale, FL3.       Reno, NV4.       Richmond, VA5.       Salt Lake City, UT6.       Madison, WI7.       Buffalo, NY8.       Shreveport, LA9.       Tallahassee, FL10.     Knoxville, TNITTY BITTY CITIES1.       Savannah, GA2.       Palm Springs, CA3.       Newport Beach, CA4.       Asheville, NC5.       Costa Mesa, CA6.       Charleston, SC7.       Ann Arbor, MI8.       Newport, RI9.       St. Augustine, FL10.     Atlantic City, NJ

What Makes A Great Quickie City?

When it came to ranking the best cities for a “quickie,” these top 40 cities scored big in the following categories:

Best Bang For Your Buck (Value):

Hotwire enables more trips with its mystery Hot Rate deals which save you up to half off listed rates, or even more when booked last minute! And this year, the Quickie Index lists cities where you’ll find 4- and 5-star hotels that offer more amenities and more bang for your buck based on the following factors:

  • High 4- and 5-star hotel demand (based on total number of Hot Rate room nights booked on Hotwire in 2020) 
  • Lowest average 4- and 5-star hotel daily rate (based on overall average daily rates of Hotwire Hot Rates in 2020) 
  • Biggest last-minute savings on 4- and 5-star hotels (based on difference in average hotel daily rate of Hotwire Hot Rates in 2020 booked 8 days or more from arrival vs within 7 days)

Things To Do (Leisure):

Experiencing a quickie is all about having a little fun. The Quickie Index ranks destinations offering a wide variety of entertainment options that cater to all traveler types to ensure a great time, such as:

  • Most number of restaurants (based on Tripadvisor) 
  • Most things to do (sites and attractions based on Tripadvisor) 
  • Least number of rainy days per year (based on NOAA data)

Ease Of Arrival (Driveability):

For a true quickie getaway, minimizing the time needed to actually get to the destination is paramount to maximizing the fun! With more travelers looking to stay local, the Quickie Index factored in:

  • The shortest drive time for the most people – We looked at the total population within a 250-mile radius of the destination to find those cities that are within driving distance for the greatest number of people