Beauty Contestants, Aid Organizations And A Bank Get Creative To Help A Community

She have written about the Thai group Food For Fighters before as we’re impressed with their creativity and tenacity. However they have outdone themselves this time with a recent collaboration with Kuvanant Foundation, Miss Universe Thailand and HSBC Thailand. They all combines forces to bring food and PPE survival bags to residents of the hard hit Klong Toey area of Bangkok during Thai National Mother’s Day. 

Panchana Vatanasathien, Founder of Food For Fighters, Amanda Chalisa Obdam who is Miss Thailand Universe 2020, along with other contestants from Miss Thailand Universe, and representatives from Kuvanant Foundation were on hand on August 12th to personally oversee the delivery of 500 survival bags.

“With support from HSBC, we have managed to provide 500 survival bags containing 5 kg of rice, ready-to-cook curry from Krua Binla, canned mackerel, vegetable oil, glass noodles, medicines, soaps, surgical masks, dish washing gel and other living essentials,” according to Panchana Vatanasathien.

Volunteers from Miss Universe Thailand have been helping Food For Fighters provide food and PPE to the Klong Toey district and other red-zone communities.

A call centre supported by Silver Voyage Club, also helps Food For Fighters by providing vital information and managing daily food donations. Donations include rice, dried foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables as well as essential equipment such as thermometers and PPE. In addition, Food For Fighters’ own ready-to-eat meals are delivered to field hospitals, public hospitals and those in need.

If you can, please help. Food For Fighters’ call centre number is 02-0169910 and it is open from 0900 -1700 hours every day.