Andalusian Vibes in Beijing

Although winter hit back with a vengance earlier this week, the gorgeous blue skies are back and Spring feels like it’s finally sprung! And so Migas is celebrating by bringing Andalusian vibes to the capital with a new La Feria weekend brunch, designed to show off the colorful vivacity of the Andalucia region of Spain.

“Inspired by the raucous festivals in the south of Spain, Migas is pleased to bring you “La Feria” brunch! One of the most popular regional festivals in Spain is “La Feria de Abril” celebrated every April in Sevilla. This is the first and biggest feria to kick off spring every year, and afterwards, others cities and towns in the south of Spain then host their own ferias, with very characteristic elements in common: 1. To celebrate that the warm season has arrived 2. To enjoy yummy traditional snacks and drinks 3. Sing and dance in all the different “casetas” (striped tents), while dressed up in the bright and colourful traditional costumes. All the bright colours, flowers and music creates a one-of-a-kind magical Andalusian energy floating around.” – The Migas Team

Migas La Feria Brunch

Inspiration Drawn from Spain’s La Feria de Abril in Sevilla

Walking into Migas, they’ve got the bright red and white stripes hanging as long curtains around their dining space with hanging pots of red and white carnation flowers to boot.

Migas' La Feria Weekend Brunch

Their brunch menu follows in the same theme with two parts – a breakdown of all the different foods you can expect to sample throughout the brunch along with a separate drinks menu for those who decide to opt out of their very tempting free-flow package with Sangria, house wines, beer, soft drinks, juices, tea & coffee for RMB 148 per person for up to two hours.

Similar to their previous brunch themes, their food menu is divided into different stations:

  • Fresh Station – Classic Salads, Gazpacho “Chilled” Soups, Marinated Olives and other tasty Cold Starters – loved their marinated eggplant and bell pepper bowls!
  • Montaditos Bar – Baby baguette sandwiches that have been shrunk to handy tapas-sized portions. From smoked salmon to Spanish ham and tomato and a variety of Spanish sausages
  • Fried Fish Platter or “Bandeja de Pescaito” – does exactly what it says on the tin this one!
  • Paella – Your choice between a seafood paella, black rice with garlic squid and now with added vegetarian option with artichokes, green beans and mushrooms
  • Tapas – brought at different intervals around the room, you can expect to see a variety of seafood and meat options – we loved the garlic prawns, “marinera” clams and pork and cheese “flamenquines”
  • “El Carro de Postres” Desserts Trolley – You know when this one is coming not only because it’s an actual trolley filled with sweet goodies, but there’s also a very loud bell for all to know that the cart full of sweets is making a round!

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.34.49 PM

Migas’ La Feria Brunch Menus

As we were trying to make our Saturday semi-productive, we opted out of the free-flow beverage option and limited ourselves to 1 “Rebujito” jar with “Fino” sherry, 7-UP and Peppermint (RMB 258) followed by a very large glass of Sangria Gran Reserva (RMB 80).

Migas' La Feria Weekend Brunch: Beverages to Start

Rebujito is a Refreshing Signature Drink of Andalusian Festivals

Migas' La Feria Weekend Brunch: Sangria

Couldn’t Resist A Gigantic Glass of Sangria too!

You could very easily dig yourself a deep, deep drunken hole to climb out of at this brunch as the sangria goes down all too easily. If you want to try something new, the Rebujito is a popular drink in Andalucia that is worth tasting. The flavours are a little more nuanced and it won’t be to everyone’s taste, but it is great to see Migas venturing off the beaten path to showcase something really unique!

La Feria’s Fresh Station:

Migas' La Feria Weekend Brunch: Gazpachos

Served in Carafs in a Bucket of Ice, Guests can Help Themselves to Two Chilled Soups

Migas' La Feria Weekend Brunch: Gazpacho Soups

Both the Gazpacho Chilled Tomato Soup and Ajoblanco Chillded Almond and Garlic Soup were Fantastic

Migas' La Feria Weekend Brunch: Potato Salad

Migas' La Feria Weekend Brunch: Menus

Migas La Feria Brunch

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.38.38 PM

Marinated Peppers & Eggplant

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.38.22 PM

Montaditos Bar:

Migas La Feria Brunch Migas La Feria Brunch

Migas La Feria BrunchMigas' La Feria Weekend Brunch:

Fried Fish Platter or “Bandeja de Pescaito”:

Featuring codfish balls, fried yellowtail, cuttlefish and a Japanese fish

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.39.30 PM

Variety of Tapas:

Migas La Feria Brunch

Garlic Prawns were a Highlight! 

Migas' La Feria Weekend Brunch

Pork and Cheese “Flamenquines”

Migas' La Feria Weekend Brunch

“Marinera” Clams

Migas' La Feria Weekend Brunch: Tapas

White Beans & Clams

Choice of Paella (Seafood, Black Rice & Squid or Vegetarian):

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.40.19 PM

Black Rice & Garlic Squid

Migas' La Feria Weekend Brunch

“El Carro de Postres” Desserts Trolley:

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.40.42 PM

Migas' La Feria Weekend Brunch

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 9.40.51 PM

The food choices are always a little overwhelming at brunches, but here are my highlights: the jamon y tomate montadito is a hard to beat classic, the garlic prawn tapas is hands-down the best tapas we tasted, the black rice paella with garlic squid was cooked to perfection and the eggplant and peppers dish in the fresh section was silky and gorgeous!

At RMB 268, Migas continues to offer one of the best value weekend brunches in Beijing!

On a green note, I wholeheartedly endorse Migas’ advocacy of the clean plates movement. They will charge you a 15% extra “Gluttony Tax” if your greedy eyes get the best of you and you end up taking more than your stomach can handle. Brunch is a luxury we are lucky to have and we shouldn’t waste it! Migas sets a great example with this statement and I hope more establishments will follow in suit.

Migas’ La Feria Brunch Details:

  • Available Every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30AM-14:30PM
  • Address: Sanlitun North. Nali Patio 6 Floor. Beijing. 三里屯北街81号那里花园6层.
  • Tel: 5208 6061
  • Website:

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