Why I am Glad the Summer is Over in NYC

Sweaty subways, stinky trash, sticky clothing! All the things I love so much about summer in New York City. NOT!

I have spent years chasing the sun. Going from Australian summer to European summer and anywhere hot in-between, just to avoid run windy and miserable overcast days.

Planning my long summer days with friends was priority. Getting down to the beach at the first break of daylight and staying there until the last seagull left the sand.

But after spending the hottest two weeks on my life in New York City on vacation I realized if I couldn’t be less than 10 minutes from crashing waves then I didn’t wanted to have anything to do with sweltering heat.

heat 2

New York City becomes as tolerable as my boyfriends hairy armpit in the height of summer.

So come September 1st, or technically around September 22nd, I am all about the scarves, beanies and PSL (pumpkin spices lattes). Ok that’s a lie; I don’t drink Starbucks, nor do I get the PSL craze but nonetheless, bring on fall.

Fall is the best time in the city. The streets are sprinkled with red, yellow and orange leaves, the air is crisp and all the stoops are decorated for Halloween.

Take a walk around the West Village in the late afternoon to catch the beautiful stoops dabbled in sunlight dressed up with the most creative displays.

Apple and pumpkin picking is a must do at some point in October. Take a train upstate to one of the numerous farms. And it’s a bonus if you see an alpaca.

Central Park is an oasis from the madness of the city. Wander around and through. There are little hidden trails all throughout off the main track everyone takes.

Pumpkin Spice everything is a phenomenon this little Aussie has never experience. Its like the second Labor Day comes around, the country turn into pumpkin spice fiends.

Rather than gorge on the good ole pumpkin pie, head to Doughnut Plant for cult spice donut.

Ahh fall, there is just a renewed excitement and energy pulsing through the city.

And if you aren’t crazy about fall, just think about the pumpkin spiced desserts you can try.

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