Take Your Seat

Take Your Seat is an innovative photographic project conceived by Randy VanDerStarren, an advertising executive turned financial services industry consultant, turned photographer. With a degree in film but a job in pensions, Randy found himself missing being creative. And so he did something about that and in the process hopes to inspire others.

Take Your Seat’s mission is to motivate people to follow their dreams. As Randy says, “How many times have you told yourself that you were going to do something one day. Take Your Seat’s goal is to help you turn one day into day one.”

To show the scope and beauty of this project Cristina caught up with Randy in Toronto, Canada as he was exhibiting pictures for #Canada150, the 150th birthday celebrations for Canada.

The original Take Your Seat project features stunning photography from 12 locations as diverse as Thailand, Cuba and Iceland. Take Your Seat Canada the spinoff, delivered 13 pictures from all of Canada’s provinces and territories.

Randy hopes his story will resonate. His message is loud and clear, “Your reality is never going to change unless you change it.” And so if you dream of traveling around the world, teaching English in Thailand, running with the bulls or even just sipping a glass of wine in a Paris cafe, Take Your Seat is here to inspire you to make your dreams come true.

Take Your Seat from Re:Source Media on Vimeo.