A Night Out a Coco Bongo

The fact this place had been mentioned about 50,000 times before we even touched down in Mexico; I knew a visit to Coco Bongo was something I didn’t want to miss.

So when the sun went down I checked out Cancun’s world famous nightclub, inspired by Jim Carey’s ‘The Mask’.

No stranger to the party atmosphere, Cancun is the place with Spring break takes place so I knew I was in for a good night.

But I wouldn’t call this your normal club. Think if it more like Cirque du Soleil meets Cabaret show, meets concert of your favorite band with a sprinkle of Las Vegas.

The New York Times says it puts Vegas to shame and I quickly realized they weren’t wrong.

Walking up the stairs, thudding music grew louder and louder and I stepped into a huge room flowing with dancing, partying, drinking partygoers. I didn’t quite know what to expect.

I was greeted with a production like no other. A night full of performance medleys by the likes of ‘Beyoncé’, ‘Michael Jackson’, ‘Rolling Stones’ and a slew of other famous names.

It was a rotating production house, worthy of Madison Square Garden or O2 in London.

One-moment girls were dancing on the bar and the DJ was playing the hottest top 40 songs. The next, that same bar had turned into a stage and eyes are fixated on the dancing and singing performer that has an uncanny resemblance to Bruno Mars on the balcony. Bruno performed his medley and it was back to the DJ and dancing on the bar.

Next up we were transported to the Moulin Rouge in the Paris with burlesque dancers and feathers galore.

And then back to Vegas for our very own Cirque du Soleil show with acrobats twirling down long silk ribbons from the ceiling.

It was an amazing sensory overload.

And for the superhero fans, ‘Spiderman’ leaped out from the stage to take on a battle with the green-masked villain.

With a capacity of 1800 people, and a very full room night after night, there’s no question as to whether this is one of the best nights out not only in Cancun, but the Caribbean and maybe even the world.

It is amazing and completely different to any clubbing experience you will ever have.

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