What You Need To Know About Backpacking

Backpacking around a country – or multiples countries, is a wonderful way to experience travel at its best. So many people nowadays want to become a traveller because it is so popular over social media from the stunning shots that are captured, making everyone wish they were there. But a lot of the time, people tend to cut corners and get driven around instead, staying in the top hotels and eating the top food from the top restaurants. While there is nothing wrong with this – it’s costly, but not only that, it erases the little things because you won’t be looking for them. When backpacking, part of the fun is the discovery, not just from the surroundings, but from within yourself too. It’s a deep journey that goes beyond anything else.

Here’s what you need to know.

It will be hard.

You need to know that it will be tough and you will face moments that make you question why you ever thought this would be a good idea. You will get tired and your body will ache, and you may smell a little until you can find somewhere to shower, but that’s all part of the ride, and the sooner you accept these things, the sooner you can overlook them. There are ups and downs to everything – obstacles will be thrown and you, but that’s okay. You will soon learn how to avoid them the longer you do this for, getting stronger and stronger.

It will be beautiful.    

You will come across so many beautiful sights; ones that you never even knew existed because they are so stunning, and most of it is just down to mother nature herself, with no help from any man. One brilliant accessory that will capture everything perfectly, is a drone. This will allow you to go above and beyond (quite literally) to take in as much of the environment as possible. You can have a look at www.rchobbyreview.com to find the best drone to suit you and your travelling technique.

It will be inspiring.

Going on a journey like this will open your eyes and make you see things in a new way. You might see someone doing something amazing, only to want to try it yourself. Or you may find someone or something in need, giving you a newfound purpose to help. It can be anything. You may fall so hard in love with nature that you want to recreate it through art, be it painting, sculpting, or carving. Inspiration can be found all around you, just like https://tinybuddha.com explains, so welcome the curiosity that will come flooding in.

It will be communal.

Of course, there will be plenty of time to be alone at one with your thoughts, but never mistake this a being lonely. You will run into so many different people with all different backgrounds along the way. You may find like minded backpackers who share a part of your route with you, comparing stories and learning about each other’s past. Or it could be as simple as having a drink with the locals in a pub that’s hidden in a village you’re passing through.

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