Seven Great places to visit in Israel

Israel is a beautiful country that has attractive beaches, dazzling nature and captivating history.  As a destination it provides many attractions which every visitor would love to see. The easiest way to get around is by driving so our suggestion is to use Car Rental Israel to make the trip more memorable.

Read on to learn about some of the places that you’ll definitely want to visit while staying in Israel.

  1. Acre (Akko) – There are innumerable cultures in Acre which consist of the Ottomans and the Crusaders. You will find some of the high cultured buildings, sights and ruins in this place. Acre is one of the most beautiful places in the northern region of Israel. You can enjoy the most romantic evening stroll at the port with some delicious dishes at the restaurants or go for a leisurely walk through the market of Akko.
  2. Nazareth (Natsrat) – Nazareth is situated in the lower region of Galilee. It has been said that Jesus Christ walked here and this is where Gabriel told Mother Mary that she bears the child of God. So  Nazareth city is a religious and holy place. Driving yourself with Car Rental Israel makes it easier to visit the various attractions of the city.
  3. Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) – The Sea of Galilee is the biggest freshwater lake in Israel. Also known as the Kinneret, it is actually the major source of water. As per the New Testament, Jesus Christ ws said to have performed various miracles there including walking on water. The Sea of Galilee is now visited by the tourists for sightseeing and water activities. Also, tourists will surely see Tiberias that is situated on the western part of the lake.
  4. Golan Heights – The Golan Heights is a hilly area that consists of magnificent landscapes, superb nature sites and historical  attractions for the visitor. The region provides various paths with difficulty levels based on the timing of the year. The most favorable period is during spring when the flowers bloom and fields become green. The Herman Mountain, located at the Golan Heights, is the perfect destination for skiers during the winter season.
  5. Tel Aviv – This city is the combination of vivacious nightlife, genuine markets, enchanting beaches and much more. Tel Aviv allows everyone to enjoy the beauty of the place so that they learn to love it. The place is a great attraction for street art admirers, foodies, beach lovers, photographers and museum visitors. Some other attractions include – Gay Pride Parade, Purim Street Party, water fight and Tel Aviv Fashion Week, etc.
  6. Haifa – This is actually the biggest port as well as the third largest city in Israel. There are various cultures in Haifa which enables the visitors to enjoy lively beaches and an attractive port. Also, the city offers the exclusive Bahai Garden for nature lovers.
  7. Roman Crater (Mahtesh Roman) – Roman Crater or Mahtesh Roman is situated in Mitzpe Roman. It is a town in the Negev desert . This is the largest crater in Israel which is 10 km in width and 40 km in length. You can have a wonderful view of the crater by standing at the top of it.

These are just some places of Israel that you should visit during the tour. Remember the easiest way to see the sights is by driving so check out Car Hire Israel to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable.