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What to Pack for Your Vacation

Summer is here and increasing numbers of us are looking forward to a well deserved get away. But when it comes to organising the trip, we tend to focus on things like booking flights and finding appropriate accommodation, ensuring our passports and documentation are in date, sourcing reliable travel insurance, and booking in for necessary vaccinations. It’s not all too surprising that we tend to leave things like packing until the last minute. The trouble here is, however, that a lot of the time we need to actually purchase a few essential bits and bobs in advance, allowing ourselves time to pick them up or for the items to be delivered. When you start trying to purchase things last minute, you can find yourself having to head away without them. So, to avoid this situation, here are a few holiday essentials that you should ensure you have a hold of well in advance!

Swim Shorts

Whether you’re planning on splashing about in the sea and pools or are a little more hesitant when it comes to diving into the deep end, swimwear is a must for any holiday goer. After all, it’s the most comfortable form of clothing to wear when lounging around the pool or taking a stroll down the nearest beach and will allow you to get a good even tan. Take a look at the different styles available from John Henric USA. You’ll be able to find all sorts of colours, prints, and patterns. Invest in around two or three pairs, as this will ensure you have a pair clean and dry between washes to last you your entire vacation.


If you’re visiting a hot and sunny destination, you need to prioritize your health and wellbeing by using sufficient sunscreen. Make sure you pack plenty of lotions, sprays or oils, and facial sunscreens. Take a look at the SPF and make sure you have a protection factor that’s suitable for the amount of sun exposure you’ll be experiencing. You should also pack a lip balm with SPF, as your lips have some of the most sensitive skin on your face.

Protective Accessories

Sunscreen isn’t where your protective journey ends. You should also consider a few extra accessories that can really keep sunburn and other sun related problems at bay. Sunglasses should be the first on your list. These offer your eyes invaluable protection from the sun’s UV rays. They will also help to prevent you from squinting or experiencing headaches due to the bright sunlight. Next? A sunhat. A good, lightweight hat will protect your sensitive scalp. There are various styles on the market but a straw hat, visor, or bucket hat tend to be firm favourites amongst the majority of men.

These are just a few different things that you should definitely have tucked away in your suitcase before you leave for the airport. So, make sure you have them well in advance. Not only will this ensure that you have everything you need while you’re away, but it will save you from wasting time and money trying to buy them once you’ve arrived at your destination!