Top Golf Courses in Illinois

Golf is one of those sports enjoyed by people from different age groups, gender, and skill level. From casual weekenders, to varsity athletes, to fit retirees, the game has developed a huge fan base, especially in the state of Illinois; a state ranks eighth in terms of “golfiness”.

Locals, specifically Chicagoans, began playing golf in the late 1880s, according to the Encyclopedia of Chicago. In the early days, the sport was more for the social elite and the wealthy members of society. From there, the sport’s popularity in the city, as well as the whole state, soared to new heights. So it is safe to say that Chicago has contributed a lot to the American golfing scene.

Playing golf in Illinois, particularly in Chicago, is rewarding and significant in itself. But it helps to have the right gear. What are the best drivers, putters or GPS devices? Click the links and arrive ready to play in style.

Leading golf website Play Your Course who operate in Chicago, Illinois, matching pros and students in the area, even claim that the Windy City “just may be the most historic golf city in the entire country.” In more ways than one, golf has many physical and mental benefits that are enjoyed by millions of players across the world. However, finding the proper venue can sometimes prove a difficult task. Having said that, we have compiled a list of the best golf courses here in Illinois.

Cantigny Golf in Wheaton

Having one of the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art facilities not just in the city, but the whole state, Cantigny Golf in Wheaton is a definite go-to place to play golf. The course boasts a selection of recreation establishments, natural surroundings, and competitive playing options for everyone. In total, Cantigny has three nines, namely Hillside, Woodside, and Lakeside, making it a bona fide landmark golf course.

Harborside International’s Port Course in Chicago

Harborside International’s Port Course in Chicago presents two equally beautiful playing areas within the confines of the city. Aside from the intriguing history behind its foundation, the place offers a gorgeous layout filled with rolling greens and challenging bunkers, with a magnificent Chicago skyline vista to boot. Furthermore, Harborside International’s Port Course in Chicago holds a spot in Golf Advisor’s list of the best courses in the state.

Stonewall Orchard Golf Club in Grayslake

This golf course is specially suited to those who prefer quiet isolation while teeing off. Stonewall Orchard Golf Club is located in the middle of nowhere, so it provides the ultimate serene environment for golfers. Best of all, despite the challenging circumstances of the course, players can find peace knowing that forest preserves and cornfields surround them.

Dubsdread at Cog Hill Golf and C. C. in Lemont

The three aforementioned courses represent the general foundation of golf in Illinois. Dubsdread at Cog Hill Golf and C. C. has all of that, and more. Aside from having a classic layout fit for golfers of all skill levels, the course has hosted some of the most prestigious professional tournaments in the state. The PGA Tour held the likes of the Western Open and the BMW Championship at Dubsdread, which brings justice to the difficulty of its close to 100 bunkers.

All things considered, it does not matter whether players prefer playing in Chicago, Grayslake, Wheaton, Lemont, or any other city for that matter; Illinois always has something to offer golfing enthusiasts. This goes to show that golf and sports in general really have a place in the hearts of locals and the rest of the United States of America.