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What Makes Revenge Travelers Tick?

A recent report from Simon-Kucher & Partners shows just how pervasive and important Revenge Travelers are becoming. And as a result, the industry is starting to take note and evolve with the times.

A recent webinar from the International Luxury Hotel Association laid out how hotels are beginning adapt. One of the panelists, Rosalind Hunter from Simon-Kucher & Partners laid out the results of their recent Travel Trends survey.

In the webinar (which you can view here) she detailed that 45 percent of consumers want to travel more than prior to the pandemic. She also explained that consumers are looking for private transportation, private spacious accommodation, and that they are also mostly looking to travel domestically.

According to Simon-Kucher & Partners’ research, some dominate trends are diving Revenge Travelers.

Three key travel trends

  1. Staycations and domestic travel are here to stay
    Pandemic-related restrictions continue to play a role in holiday decision-making. With many countries still experiencing varying degrees of lockdowns and restrictions, travelers want assurance that they can go on holiday with minimal limitations or risk of having to quarantine. Here, customer behavior is influenced by three pandemic-related factors: restrictions in place at the desired travel destinations, governmental restrictions, and trust in the health system of the destination. Due to the ongoing uncertainty connected to traveling abroad, there is a growing tendency for consumers to holiday within their own country instead, and to choose more socially distanced accommodation and ways of travelling.

  2. “Workations” gain popularity thanks to remote working
    For many travelers, workations – combining holidays with remote work – have never been more feasible. Nearly half of the respondents in their survey (43 percent) said that they anticipate taking a “workation” in the near future, thanks to the increased flexibility of hybrid working models. The most enthusiastic response came from China, where 70 percent said they are likely to do a workation in the future.

  3. Revenge travelers are revenge spenders!
    The average travel consumer has a significantly elevated budget to spend on travel, which isn’t expected to change anytime soon.The survey shows that 34 percent of international respondents expect to spend more on leisure travel beyond this summer as compared to pre-pandemic, with the largest share of higher future budget observed in Russia (52 percent) and the lowest in Germany (27 percent).


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