Vegas Baby

Vegas baby is something many people shout wandering down the strip, but I don’t understand it. The other famous line is, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Well nothing happened in Vegas, actually nothing ever has for me. I have tried to GET this city now 4 times, and I still DON’T get it.

Vegas is supposed to be an oasis in the dessert of lost dreams; pretending you are someone different than you are as it offers a non-judgmental escape from the regime of normality. That and a chance to WIN the lottery. This is the American dream.

But what I see is 50 cruise ships docked together and everyone scrambling in line for food, drinks and entertainment. A line for the biggest breakfast buffet that you have seen. A line for cashing in a small winning. A line to check in. A line to get a taxi from the airport. A line to get a table. This is what scares me about cruises and why I don’t get Las Vegas.

Waiting in endless lines are far from what I am looking for in a vacation. So I find it hard to be objective here.
But I will try.

Vegas has a buzz, heat, sun and brilliantly maintained hotels. Nothing is old in Vegas, only new. That’s a good thing for a traveler.

It is not expensive to eat copious amounts or to drink for that fact. Sit at a nice bar in a hotel and play $10 bucks on a machine and get a good drink. Well if you lose (which you will) then you paid ten bucks for a drink.
So that all works.

The buffets are very extensive and have the best variety I have ever seen, maybe not best quality but great choices. They are cheap too. I just paid $15 for a breakfast that had sushi, eggs, Chinese, Korean, desserts, fruits, salmon, noodles, Mexican, seafood and beef.

The problem is that there is a line from the minute you arrive in Vegas to the minute you leave.

Taxi lines can take up to 40 minutes for only a 10 minute cab ride. Once you arrive there are seas of people trying to check in. Everything in Vegas depends on how much of a spender you are on the tables. If you are a high roller, you get VIP entry, access, suites, drinks, food, the whole works. If not, then it matters very little. Vegas takes care of the spenders at the Casinos, not the spenders at designer stores or those who pay full room rates and service is more tips orientated than anything I have ever seen.

Vegas looks a lot more interesting in ads than it is in the real world

Vegas looks a lot more interesting in ads than it is in the real world

There are VIP elevators in all hotels, VIP swimming pools and more than you could ever imagine to entice a gambler to lose all their money at the casino.

Walk around a hotel like the Wynn at 8am when you are up and ready to go and you’ll still see many who are ready to go to bed. Or at least should be. They have been up all night. Smoking is allowed and drinks can be taken anywhere. This is a recipe for CRAZY.

And yet with all this freedom, security here beats the TSA. They know everything about everyone and have more cameras and eyes on you than anywhere in the world.

So what can we take away from Vegas? Their security. Get them to set up every airport in the world and we will be safe. Otherwise there’s not much I see that’s worthwhile.

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