Through the Lens

A new British project aims to capture the global impact through the lens, to show real people dealing with real life issues created by the Pandemic. 

COVERED TO D I S C O N N E C T, is what I feel everyday around me, now more than ever, people disconnected from reality by a layer that think that they can barely perceive it.

There was already a filter between people and this world that now is so strong and so much thicker.

These are the words of Photographer Flora Luna who is part of a contest from the British Photography Awards to document COVID-19 around the world and its impact.

“Covered”, proposes a visual analysis on the world that people have around and do not notice, experiencing everything through the filter of a surrounding environment they no longer can touch, a reality covered with intangible sensations, hidden behind a plastic filter which is reality itself. ¬©Flora Luna

We can interact with it now.

We need to eliminate those boundaries between us and the nature, between each other and RECONNECT to our environment and feelings.

I experience it through photography.

The new British Photographic Assignments, open to all British-based photographers and those of British nationality the world over is continuing to accept images until 1st of January 2021.