Hotel Check In: The Westin Fort Lauderdale

The Westin Fort Lauderdale is not the Westin Hotel at Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort but you can’t deny they sound similar. I am sure more than one weary traveler has arrived at the wrong Westin property after a long flight. But I’m here to set the record straight and do a little review of the property which I recently stayed at. That’s the Westin Fort Lauderdale.  Are you with me so far? Good.

The Westin Fort Lauderdale is actually close to the airport and it is the perfect location if you like to do a spot of gambling at Gulf Side, or shop at the Sawgrass Mall outlet or even head to the beach.

Westin has a nice brand in the USA. Rather than its sister chain Sheraton which can vary very much from property to property, Westin’s tend to be very consistent stateside. You can count on them.

The lobby and restaurant of  the Westin Fort Lauderdale are designed to be very open with sun light and a warm decoration. The restaurant is called Alfiere’s Mediterranean Bistro and is nice for breakfast. This is a nice looking property on the inside even if the exterior is a little 1980’s.

The lunch was incredible; they had a nice lunch buffet with different kinds of cold salads, warm dishes and dessert as well. Customer service was outstanding and they always made sure that my requests were well taken care of. The room was quite spacious with a heavenly bed. OMG! Westin is known for a great bed, so much so that they sell it online. The bed is made by Simmons with their pocketed coil innovation.

Cleanliness, I have to give them 10/10. They were always nice and neat with the staff keeping everything in place. The pool was in a huge area outside the restaurant, with a Jacuzzi around the pool and an excellent workout room.

All in all this is a really good property to consider and you won’t feel that you have over paid. In contrast, staying on the Beach properties in Fort Lauderdale will also incur a parking charge of at least $20 a day and when you add on say another $50 daily for a car rental, it all adds up quickly. Here is a cheaper alternative without sacrificing quality.

Saving money on a trip is a great way to add another mini vacation to the year.

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