Hotel Check In: The Mira, Hong Kong

I am always looking for a good rate in Hong Kong for a hotel that conveys the essence of the city. I found it in the Mira Hotel. This is a wonderful boutique hotel located on Nathan Road in the heart of the Kowloon side.

The hotel is modern and recently refurbished. It was the old Miramar Hotel but today after the renovations the hotel’s nearest competitors on the street have nothing on the Mira. The Holiday Inn is old and dated as is the venerable Sheraton Towers but the Mira is new and fashionable.

Arriving into the Mira you will notice that it has a very busy lobby, but it’s trendy and chic. They have a number of restaurants at the hotel including two which are Michelin-recommended. The hotel reflects Hong Kong; busy, connected, full of energy.

The rooms are very small but they harken back to the origins of what W did in New York many years ago. They have made a small space accessible, enjoyable and pleasant. The rooms are as modern as can be, in fact so much so that they give you something called the Handy when you check in. The Handy is a Samsung smartphone that works while you are in the room or it can be taken out to the city. With it you can surf the web, look up local attractions and make free international calls to a mobile or landline anytime of the day. That was amazing! The entertainment options in-room were also quite impressive, and the perfect antidote for late night jet lag insomnia.

I like to discover new places and new experiences, so it was really refreshing to find a new hotel in Hong Kong that wasn’t asking extravagant amounts of money for a night’s stay. I love Hong Kong but it can be pricey.

kowloonMy advice is to try to get an all- inclusive rate that has breakfast included. Their breakfast was quite excellent as the restaurant offers every kind of cuisine you could imagine. It is a great start to a busy day of shopping, doing business or sightseeing.

They have a club lounge level as well. This is a lot calmer than the rest of the hotel and serves breakfast and snacks and drinks in the evening. The club level is more expensive but it provides a nice oasis from Hong Kong’s bustle.

Most importantly, I was impressed with the personal touches for such a busy hotel. They made me a miniature cake for my arrival. I didn’t think too much about it until I saw the letter attached. It was actually my recipe from my latest Paleo Diet book. Now that’s a special touch. Thank you Mira Hong Kong.

If you want to learn more about this magical city, check out our episode page on Hong Kong.

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