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The Insider’s Guide to Airports

This is part two our our two part series on global rankings for the world’s best airlines and airports.  Yesterday we tackled airlines and today we’re looking at the world’s best airports.

The website AirHelp recently published their 2018 report on the world’s best airlines and airports. Many people don’t think about it, but you do often have a choice on which airports you can fly in and out of. Thanks to planes such as the Dreamliner and the A350 there are more direct links between cities than every before, but for connecting flights, many intrepid travelers carefully choose their layover airport.

The AirHelp Score rates airports worldwide on the following key factors:

  • Quality of Service
  • On-time Performance
  • Overall Social Media Sentiment

It’s interesting to see some smaller airports in the top 10. Of course it’s easier to keep the planes running on time with smaller airports than larger ones such as Hong Kong or Dubai. Again one trend of note is how much American airports are loathed. The US puts up with airlines and airports which seem to disappoint the flying public.

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