The Five Hottest European Cities This Summer

Travelers these days are more willing to venture beyond the typical destinations for holiday vacations, and choosing a European vacation spot for summer 2022 is definitely on a lot of traveler’s minds. The European summer season is packed with cultural events, culinary delights, and romantic getaways, so it’s no wonder why so many travelers are opting for a European vacation. If you’re thinking about where to head for summer 2022, here are five must-visit European destinations for this summer.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In the summer of 2022, Amsterdam will once again be a hotspot for travelers. This famous city in the Netherlands attracts thousands of tourists every year thanks to its famous canals and beautiful architecture. The city is also home to many museums, including the Van Gogh Museum, which focuses on the artistic work of one of the world’s most famous painters, Vincent Van Gogh. Other attractions in Amsterdam include the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House, where you can learn more about the life of the famous Jewish diarist.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague’s rich history and well-preserved architecture make it a popular European destination in the summer. During the summer of 2022, Prague will be hosting several cultural events, including the Prague Festival, where you can enjoy concerts and performances by some of the world’s best artists. Prague is also home to the world-renowned Prague Castle, where you can explore the history of the Czech Republic through multiple museums. The city also has several beaches, so you can enjoy a day at the water while you explore the city.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This Croatian city is famous for its stunning architecture, including the famous 12th-century walls that make up the city’s main attraction. The walls were originally built to protect the city from attacks by the Ottoman Empire, but they are now one of the city’s most famous tourist attractions. During the summer of 2022, Dubrovnik will also be hosting several cultural events, including the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, which is a celebration of the city’s culture. Nearby Zadar has several beaches that are also popular with travelers, and you can enjoy both Dubrovnik and Zadar without breaking the bank.

Barcelona, Spain

The summer of 2022 will bring Barcelona’s reputation as a cultural center to new heights. The Catalan city is famous for its architecture and its architecture is showcased in several buildings throughout the city. You can visit one of those buildings, the Sagrada Familia, to get a better understanding of the city’s architect and the building’s construction. Barcelona is also a popular spot for celebrities, and you can visit the city while you track down famous people’s homes. Barcelona is also famous for its beaches and cultural events, so you can enjoy the water and the city at the same time.

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki also gets top marks for summer 2022, thanks to its rich culture and beautiful architecture. During the summer, the city is also a popular spot for tourists who want to enjoy the country’s Nordic environment while they’re there. You can visit the city’s famous town hall, where you can see the most recent Finnish flag, or you can explore the city’s many museums, including the Finnish Museum of Photography, which focuses on the city’s historic relationship with photography. The city also has many beaches, so you can enjoy both the city and the water at the same time.


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