The Dynamism of South Korea

South Korea is often in the news for political, economic or even militaristic reasons. And that’s a shame because these stories overshadow the country’s history and culture. They also don’t do justice to just how dynamic and exciting it is as a destination.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed or even become jaded about all there is to see and do in Seoul, but you shouldn’t. That’s why we wanted to bring you this time lapse journey through South Korea as it will help to remind us how spectacular the past, present and future of Asia really is.

Filmed in In-Cheon (Song-do New city), seoul-Gyeongbokgung(Royalpalace),Gyeongju-Bulguksa,Suwonsung(Suwon-Castle) Filmmaker Kyoung Sop Choi takes you on an exhaustive and exhausting journey through this dynamic destination.

ASIAN DREAM from jansoli on Vimeo.