The Insider’s Guide to Tipping

One of the elements of travel which causes many people stress is tipping. People get worried if they’re supposed to tip like in the US and Canada or not supposed to tip as in France. No one wants to insult a great waiter or hotel maid by offering a tip or not offering a tip. Tipping is as much an art as it is a science and literally every country has their own practices. The bottom line is it’s confusing.

However once you’ve established that you are supposed to tip, then how much is appropriate; 10%, 15%, 25%, a kidney? That’s why we like this Infographic which covers where, when, who and how much to tip. But first a couple of points.

In many countries a service charge of 10-15% is included restaurants so make sure you check the bill. When you’re at a destination where tipping is customary, it’s not mandatory so tip at your discretion, but PLEASE be generous. You’ll generally have a better experience and we’re pretty sure the waiter or Concierge will appreciate the gesture and the cash. And finally, don’t forget hotel maids. In many places they are the hardest working and least paid and since they’re not as visible as say a bellman, they’re often forgotten. Don’t forget the maid. We suggest tipping daily as you’ll probably get better service and maids change regularly so don’t wait until you check out as you may inadvertently stiff the person who did most of the housekeeping.

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